Go with the Flow

egipska_noc_by_bubug-d6uqww6Lady of the Night, Egyptian Book of Gates (nocturnal journey of the sun) by Bubug

Neptune Retrograde 7 degrees Pisces
Monday June 9
Chicago 2:51pm
London 8:51pm
Tuesday 10
Fiji, Wellington 7:50am
Maldives 12:50am

Neptune Retrograde in the sign she rules will shift the emotional seas, bring fog, connection and transcendence via spiritual matters to fruition – especially for those with early planetary placements in Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo near 7 degrees +/- 5 via hard aspects & friction.
Early placements in Cancer & Scorpio feel a shift delivering more harmony, co-operation.

Neptune shifts energy in trine to Scorpio Moon, Cancer Mercury also in flux having moved Rx two days prior.  Merc Rx here.
Compassion with others, self is called for as well as a healthy dose of patience for all things mechanical, timely or methodical.

Go with the flow.

Venus at 13 degrees Taurus loosely opposes Moon, also Saturn Rx in Scorpio – emotional matters come to a head, turn on a dime, particularly with Jupiter exalted in family-driven Cancer.
Normally circumspect water signs are offset by an incoming Full Moon at 22 Sagittarius (June 12), so info will be forthcoming, count on it both to and from the house of centaur.

Sagittarians, how I love them ! – for they will say what everyone else is thinking but will not say.  Forthright and honest to the point of being blunt, they explore everything and share their knowledge widely.

What will Neptunian energies turning inward deliver you the next few months…?

:::::::::: Read Sun sign + Rising :::::::::::

Aries – spiritual insights, re-boot of beliefs, inclusiveness

Taurus – hermit vision quests, knowing unique place in universe

Gemini – use glamour & polish up career goals, image

Cancer – philosophy takes a mystical, wholistic turn

Leo – parting the veil, the mysteries, focused intensity

Virgo – glamorous partnerships, artistic, spiritual harmony

Libra – render daily life more magickal, spiritual cleanse

Scorpio – creation vibration, make art & love – transcend via music

Sagittarius – visualize inspirational changes close to home, see it then be it

Capricorn – brainstorm more inclusive biz connections, communications

Aquarius – tweak altitude of compassion, the more you give, the more you have

Pisces – intuition opens new avenues of self: expression, reliance and release

Neptune direct 4 degrees Pisces November 6, USA


Ps. Love how after I named this post, my computer hiccuped, blooped and everything shifted into ONELONGPARAGRAPH.  I did not lose my writing, so YaY !
Happy Retrogrades all, back with more asap, very busy in my yard at the mo.

8 thoughts on “Go with the Flow

  1. another gem and Gem 🙂 My pluto and nodes and MC/IC all affected by this movement.

    PS Neptune goes direct on my birthday, very cool gift indeed!

    xx litebeing

    • Thank you Linda, soOo you have lots of magick happening too ..? Sweet !
      Happy Happy Solar Return to you !
      Neptune squaring my natal Mars at the mo, and am happily doing the backstroke in fantasyland first via Peneolope (again, haa ck it out here peeps) as well as season one of Once Upon a Time.

      I am totally digging it, so textured and I love fairy tales, no surprise there !

      Penelope reminds me I meant to look up Aries, Reese Witherspoon, who was one of the producers via her company, Type A films. She’s my sister’s fave actress, and so fab in this film.
      Enjoy your day + eat cake ! (or veggies, whateves as long as you love it)

      • never heard of this film, but many are passionate about Once Upon a Time. i tried watching this season, but lost interest! You and I are all about the Neptune and your blog does reflect it 🙂

        PS my birthday is not now, but Nov 6 when you said Neptune turns direct 🙂

  2. We must be encountering a Mercury retro glitch as I was not born in June ( this month) but November?
    I guess in Europe 11-6 is June 11th, but in the good ole USA 11-6 is November 6 th 🙂
    I do like James MacAvoy though! Was he in the film Jane Austen Book Club? That was a great one!

    later and in peace,

    • zzzttt wha ? lol.
      Well, ya know Neptuney – sorry ! I’ve been multi-tasking yard, plants, cleaning etc. bit out of it – even more than usual haaa
      The actor from JABC is Hugh Dancy, James was in Becoming Jane.
      I liked both – it’s worth a look !
      peace & did I say patience heehee thanks Linda

      • Yes, Hugh married Claire Danes (kicked ass in Terminator 3 !)
        James is Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

        Speaking of patience, cats are getting pitched back outside – going lunar already gah ! Plinking holes in the screen – driving me nuts !

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