Language of the Universes

James McAvoy

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce James McAvoy.

First time I ever saw him onscreen, it was weird… my (then) husband walked into the room and watched me (strangely, not the tv – by which he is normally transfixed).
I did not disappoint.
Reverently, I drew breath.. oOohhh Good Leto.

Dune has its own category here at Chez Luna, is my absolute favorite series of books, and Leto is my favorite character from that series.  Like Star Wars, the Chronicles of Dune changed my life, so the casting of this character in particular had to be perfect.   James nailed it.  I’ve been following his work ever since.

James is a very intense, earthy 8th house Toro Sun, 5th house Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising with .ahem. Pluto in first house – mmhello !  trine Moon. Venus (ruler) exalted in Pisces 6th conjunct DC/Mercury in Aries 7 both of which trine Jupiter in Leo 10.  Rawrr !

james_mcavoy 2
En inglés: James is powerfully attractive, quick thinking, with keen instincts and gut reactions that really pay off artistically, as well as being gifted with a loving heart that is kindly in service to others.  Aside: Thank you Hugh & James for sharing the bum is rattling like berserk kids song – such a silly little thing that still makes me grin.

He’s a family man with Cancer at MC, Moon trining Pluto in the sign of relationships, Moon also sextiles Sun in the 8th.  House ruling wife has its ruler (Mars), kids (Mercury) and Venus (wife) all right there conjunct partnership DC – his wife Anne-Marie Duff is an actress as well.  They work together well and often, though I have only seen The Last Station.  Private daily life is kept so with Saturn and North Node in Virgo by the backdoor, he’s sensibly reserved but onscreen ?  POW !


Sagittarius Neptune (film) in 3 trine Mars (ruling) Aries and sextile Pluto with Sun in the 8th and Jupiter in Leo 10.  He’s enchanting, magnetic, fun and frisky but with an underlying intensity that is like a caged animal…pacing…watching.  Mercury/Venus are very strong conjunct DC – Virgo on the 12th (Mercury rules) innately senses the vibes in a room full of people via minutia, instantly.

Lucky for us, instead of following childhood dreams of becoming either a missionary or a navy man (NNode, Saturn in Virgo 12) James took an artistic path in film (Neptune), also shown by ruler of 10th in 5th.

Now for some fun Duke Leto Atreides II stuff. 
Warning – I am going DUNE – spoilers incoming.

Asteroid Leto is 68 and thrillingly bang on James’ Toro Chiron in the Venus-ruled 8th house of metamorphosis ! 
Chiron is the wounded healer mind you, and Leto did what his father the Kwisatz Haderach could not. He conquered his fear and took the burden – he became The Worm to save the universe.  Chiron/Leto trines James’ Saturn in Virgo (service) by the backdoor aka 12th house sign.  They both transform/heal/teach via art, love, the burden of work done large-scale across time. (8th house Sun ruling 11 trine Saturn in 11th)

Leto is a missionary riding on an ocean of sand.
Neptune rules (12th & oceans) missionaries; Saturn rules sand and worms.



Christ, I am such a goober, I cried just then making that connection, so now you have a strange Dune freak Plutonic astrologer lady writing about the weird ways wishes come true.  (Scorp Uran 2 trine Venus, Merc DC)
In my defense, Dune Chronicles (I am Saturn [3rd] ruled) are my very favorite books (Mercury), I have Mercury at MC and Neptune (film, fantasy) most highly aspected.  Can’t help it, I get kinda worked up about sci-fi, Dune and strange astrology connections in particular.

I find it cosmic, cool that James’ Venus is in the 6th (natural Virgo house) and exalted conjunct Mercury and this Virgo is going on about how James’ chosen art has more than rippled my pond.  Such a regular, nice, humble guy who loves his family (respect !) who when onscreen, pulls off such heart-based Plutonic prowess that I feel less alone.

I can more easily accept who I AM – by watching him work.
Thank you James, thank you.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert DUNE

Saved this for last because it proves a point I feel I need to make. 
Synastry happens. 
You don’t have to date someone, live with someone or even meet someone to be profoundly moved by who they are, the vibe they give off, or the work they create.

I. had. no. idea
James got to carry the Olympic torch !
How cool is that ?!  

Venus conj Merc in Aries conj DC trine Jupes in Leo – this was obv. a big day !

Back to synastry, eg. I dated soOo many Sagittarians before I learned astrology, and I could never figure out why – until I learned it myself, began to read the symbols and translate the universal language of vibrations.   I am about as close as you can get to being a Sagittarius without actually being one, all my personal planets (+) are hooked up with Sag energy in some form or fashion.  I can pick a Sagittarius out of a crowd without even trying to.

Tons of Sag aside – I have the critical mind of a cynic – I am a Virgo with Capricorn rising, Saturn ruled  – sign/planet of being cynical.
Growing up, I thought Nancy Reagan was off her California nut scheduling everything with an astrologer.  Strangely enough, years later, I learned astrology and applied it to family, friends and everyone I admire as well as time-sensitive situations.
and the verdict is…

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt – astrology works. 
Simple as that – it works. 
Fuck it man, if it works, I’m gonna USE it.
How’s that for Saturn.? lol.  (Capricorn/Saturn motto is: I USE.)

So what prompted that rant…?

James’ Venus is conjunct my Chiron, his art helps me feel better.  His Sun is conjunct my North Node and his spirit journey helps me find mine.  His Mars is conjunct my Saturn – (my Saturn trines my Mars) – so our Mars are trine each other – fire to fire.  We help propel each other forward via inspiration.  * see torch above ? – there ya go.

Saturn rules fear, and his delivery of my favorite quote above, was indeed, stellar – every time I think of it, I recite it with him as Leto in my head now, where once it was only me and my nebulous imagination of how Leto felt to me.  Mentally reciting it feels and is more powerful, now because James embodied that role so perfectly for me, it helped me solidify how I SEE Leto in my head.  I usually don’t imagine faces while reading, it is most important how the characters make me feel.  Yet I knew enough in a few seconds of watching to know James’ vibe was exactly right for how I imagined Leto, if that makes sense. (Prior to my astro study, btw.)  My Libra Mercury is conjunct his Pluto so I write about the powerful change his artwork creates in my thinking.  Penelope, for instance – what a sweetheart of a role that was – well played.

As if that weren’t enough, in composite (aka me here writing, pouring it all out at once with only 3 saves, which is unheard of for me) we are the vibration of: one mystic rectangle; two Grand Trines: one air, one fire – one of which is a fiery kite with Mars in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Aries; yet another air kite has Sagittarius Neptune opposite Venus in Gemini.  If he ever googles himself and finds this, he will know I think seeing him carrying the Olympic torch is pretty darn cool (see Mars trine Mars), and I may teach (Jupiter) him a thing or two about astrology (Aquarius) and inspire him through my craft like he has inspired (Venus/Neptune) me through his…
Who knows …? 

Anything’s possible.
 ::: grin :::

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  1. X-Men !
    Lock & load – charming as can be – 34 seconds in, he seals the deal.
    7th house all over, James is a lovely man.
    Flirty, cheeky and what fun watching these two bromance it up.
    Magnetic indeed

    Also at 2:20, yeah, I could use that one. Sign me up, dude. ha
    Fun post I did awhile back re: Sun Sign Superpowers

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