Eric Peterson

Seems the Dune fear is the mind-killer quote (previous post) prompted some internal cuss & discuss with some readers.

How to break through the wall of fear…?
Good question.

Saturn rules/indicates fear.
Saturn also rules walls, structures, fortifications and solidity – all things blessed when we are in need of them to shelter us from harm – even from ourselves.

Saturn is a pause.  An exalted Libra pause to consider, reflect and refine in order to balance.  If fear comes knocking at your door (all Saturn) …
Pause… until you feel or create your perspective shift then regroup & proceed.

This was a tough new moon for me so I took to the couch prior (yes Toro Moon, quit laughing) and watched every single episode/season of The Tudors back to back, then Elizabeth.
(Cate !)  I have looked for them repeatedly in my local library and rarely found one or two available, never mind all in sequence.  Finding the whole season available in one swell foop – kismet.  A small thing, but I felt blessed – it seemed symbolic of what I personally had to conquer this new moon.  I needed the couch downshift – the mental, physical,  emotional, spiritual reboot – time to escape elsewhere and drift away….which made the switch to vertical reality afterwards all the more bracing. (Yes, another Saturn word.)

If you can’t walk, crawl.  If you can’t crawl, recline.  Sleep well, long and hard.
Rest until you feel spirit stirring you to create, compete, win – even if only against your former self.  The door to progress will slowly swing open (Gemini) when you are ready to shift into a higher gear/ altitude.

Your mind and heart and spirit will be in agreement.

Steady as she goes, Capt’n.
Tortoises are cautious…they wisely wait…to stick their necks out when they feel safe.
(Moon, Saturn, Moon)

Trust the process.
That is Saturn.