BAM ! kerPOW !


Superpowers activate!
Form of a ____ !

Me…?…I’ve always wanted :

1. flight  (Sun conjunct Uranus – Uranus rules flight)
 2. speed (Mercury most elevated at MC, see Uranus above)
 3. mental telepathy (Neptune most highly aspected, Neptune rules telepathy)
 4. time travel (Saturn chart ruler- rules time- trine Mars in Sag- long dist. travel)
 5. sorcery (Venus conjunct Jupiter / Pluto in 8th house – 8th rules desire for power)
 6. teleportation (strong in Sagittarius – dissaparation is definitely desired)
 7. healing (Virgo stellium, Neptune most highly aspected)

Now how about you…?….

Aries gotta go with strength here, Super Mars Me !
Taurus going with Bene Gesserit- precision of senses, better yet – Hermione’s bag, lol.
Geminis going with super hearing, speed, Babblefish universal translation powers. Cancers want a force field, camouflage.  betcha !
Leos supernova projection laser beam blingy type powers – make you go WoW.
Virgos mental telepathy, x-ray vision to clean you up from the inside out..!
Libras how about Wonder Woman’s truth telling rope ?  A mighty sword of Justice ?
Scorpios soopersecret invisibilty and superhealing regeneration of bone, muscle, skin.
Sagittarians want to teleport – anywhere in the world – be cool yeah ?!
Capricorns want time travel, pretty sure about that. Kick ole cuss Saturn into gear.
Aquariansalready endowed, lol. They may love telekinesis…bend to my gigantic mind !
Pisces gotta go with weather: storms, fog, tornadoes. Whip up your own atmo…

Whaddaya think..?
What’s YOUR superpower ?