Full Moon at 17 degrees Libra approaches…..Friday at 2:19 pm CST, USA

Viggo is Libra Sun.  Aquarius Moon.

Full Moon in Libra will be trine Viggo’s Chiron.

He is a beautiful diplomat (Libra stellium) who knows the actions (Aqua Moon trine Mars Rx in Gemini) must be thought out, researched, explored – for there are two sides to everything.  Possiblities are endless.  Life, time is in a constant state of flux, always.

Yet Saturn is exalted in Libra…he knows some things are timeless.  Love and kindness, for example. (Viggo has Libra Sun, Venus, North Node and Chiron all sextile Saturn)

The right word, gesture or tiny seed of an idea planted at the precise right time can change everything for the better. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, both sextile Pluto in Virgo)

Saturn Rx currently rests on his Libra Sun, is approaching his North Node at 22 degrees Libra. Saturn will go direct on his North Node (conjuncts his Venus) on Monday the 25th of June.  A project, an agreement, a labor of love years in the making will flower or reach culmination at that time.  It will likely involve travel and a respected mentor.

Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius.  The serious thinker and traveller, he works (photography, poems) while he plays, he documents and records what he sees.
If you are very lucky, he will tell you what he is thinking.

Viggo’s Libra Venus is conjunct my Mercury.
Gehn hahn-nohn
 No in elenath hîlar nan hâd gîn

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  1. This image of him seems a perfect illustration of the Libra Full Moon as well. A warrior in contemplation. I love it.

    • Thanks so much, Perianne !
      I agree, a lovely photo of a lovely man who is contemplative offscreen too. I thought this pic might have been taken during a break in filming. Glad you like ! Thanks

    • Thanks Julie !
      Full moon in Libra means Libra Suns get an influx of info on the personal front, information about themselves.
      I spent the evening with my high school buddy (Libra) giving her the same over dinner.

      So when the full moon reaches your sun sign, you will know to expect ~
      …personal insights into the self…

    • Hi Michelle~
      astrodatabank gives no specific time. http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Mortensen,_Viggo
      I may have dowsed this before, I don’t recall. I’m going with Sag rising which puts his stellium across 10th, Scorp in 11th. This puts his artwork in 10.
      Jupiter chart ruler. Saturn in 1st, and he is serious, no nonsense.

      Jupiter & Sag rule horses, and Viggo seems to collect horses from his movies. He bought Uraeus—the horse who played Brego, Aragorn’s steed (Roheryn in the books) in The Lord of the Rings movies—as well as TJ, one of the horses who played Hidalgo. He also purchased the stallion that played Arwen’s horse, a grey Andalusian stallion named Florian, and gave it to the stunt woman, Jane Abbott, who rode the horse in place of Liv Tyler.
      He is also an avid supporter of wild horse preservation. Here: http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org/index.html
      Thanks Michelle, if you have other theories, I’d love to hear them..

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