Sworn to protect

I spoke of the solar Hobbit eclipse, but I did not speak of the men of Middle Earth, one of which is Aragorn, a fine King, a man of quality.

Sun Quintile Uranus

Viggo is a free spirit, a traveler, a multi-talented renaissance man, but most of all, Viggo is a kind man.

Viggo has Sun, North Node of Destiny and Venus conjunct in Libra – let’s face it, he’s handsome, but that’s not all.  He is kind and fair and went to bat for his fellow actors in LoTR – seeking fair pay for work on the trilogy.  A man of quiet power and strength, he has Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all conjunct in Scorpio.

Click here for a fabulous interview in NY Times In Style Magazine.

I also recommend following Perceval Press, so click here to read.

Lay hahn-nohn ah thole-ehll

2 thoughts on “Sworn to protect

  1. my favorite actor in the Ring movie, This was very interesting reading. Probably took much research and time…..

  2. Viggo is great … have you seen Apaloosa ?
    Great western with Ed Harris. I have followed Viggo for years, and have his (solar) chart handy with all the other LoTR actors. I also have Perceval Press bookmarked and already knew the Rings trivia, so not as much research as some posts, but I am glad you enjoyed it !
    I may be re-visiting Viggos chart in more depth at a later time, but the interview was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.
    Good picture of him, yes …?!

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