NepTuning the Quads

photo 54Vibrational Energy Oracle

Those who frequent GMA know Neptune is a big player in my natal – even those two not directly involved with Neptune are involved with my 12th house sign, Sagittarius.   Like all planets/placements – working high qi it’s a blessing; low, a curse.

Neptune is  F  A  R     O   U   T
Hiccup here.
Most of us will experience Neptune transiting in (roughly) only one half of our chart, those who live to over 100, Neptune will transit through roughly seven signs.  These quadrants are where we will experience focused Neptune experience.

I will obviously be writing more later, on the quads and Neptune – this a quickie lunchtime post + food for thought.

The cards chosen are pointing towards each quadrant.

SE: houses 10,11,12 – first card above

As Above, So Below
Whatever is in heaven is also on Earth – Perceptions, interactions and a foot in each world – Beliefs.

SW: 9, 8, 7 – second card
photo 55Knowing – Instincts attuned to the world around us – seeing, listening, receiving messages on all channels and acting upon them – Guided.

NW: 6, 5, 4 – third card
photo 57
Hopeless Release  Perception of hopelessness, to everything a purpose, a season.  Release without despair – Balance.

NE: 3, 2, 1 – fourth card

photo 56
Abundant Blessings – Sowing what you have paid forward, be open to receive blessings with gratitude – Reaping.