regeneration, refortification

photo 52Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Quick draw to add definition to Mars as it slowly closes in on opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto.  (Mars reaches 18 degrees early July)
FYI: Next hit of Uranus square Pluto is in mid-December.

Obviously work the energies, the growth available during squares to your advantage.  Cancer Jupiter moves to square North Node of Destiny in Libra, reaching exact in the middle of June.

Gemini/Mercury rule hands – as Mercury goes retro, first in Cancer, then into Gemini we have a chance to refurbish all things house Gemini.  Mutable signs feel the squeeze, need to mentally hustle while air signs feel a bit of relief.

Through June, Mars tracks over 9-17 degrees Libra setting opposition aflame in house Aries again.  Others deliver lessons to Mars while Pluto tears down old ways of dealing to restructure and rebuild NEW ways of dealing with Mars energies.  Think balance, harmony rather than passive, aggressive – play fair.

Squares are meant to deal us intense personal growth – uncomfortable and difficult – but oh so WORTH IT.  Mars in Cardinal and triggering Shaman square Wizard is an opportunity to use energy wisely to propel forward through the past.   Use your head and your hands.

photo 53Tarot of the Origins

House of stone, shelter.
Definition of Neptune Rx was the question here.
Nailing Neptune is difficult, but this one is easy.
You are your home, your heart and what and who you love.  Also physical changes form with each incarnation, spirit remains.

My transits are bringing this lesson home in spades.  Psychosomatic stuff, working through remnants of the past, slowly but surely.

Early mutables feel this one, water signs feel the flow.

Also: Saturn Rx (shelter, fort) and Pluto Rx are still in mutual reception.  AKA working together to help us decide what is worth gleaning from the past  as well what is worth letting go of.  This is regeneration and refortification simultaneously in houses Scorpio and Capricorn.
Energy of one thing produces another completely new thing.
Our world will be totally changed, transformed.


Mars does a U-y

boris_vallejo_3Boris Vallejo

At the outset I called Mars into Libra Martial Arts – check !

A few days ago, frustration due to upcoming station (energies fluctuate wildly) 
Cardinal Cross, 2 eclipses, Uranus square Pluto; whammy Saturn/Neptune transits led me to call Mars Rx in Libra
 F Words.  HA, yeah…also right.

Dec 7 2013 Mars into Libra
March 1 Mars Rx 27 degrees

May 19
Mars Direct in Libra 9 degrees
8:31pm CST, USA

Mars at 9 degrees through May
by the end of June 17 degrees
Out of shadow where Rx began July 21

Mars into Scorpio 
July 25
9:25pm CST, USA

Long ass haul for Mars in Libra has delivered competition with ourselves + others, relationships, love, money, agreements.  We smacked right into how – fairly – we balance all these parts of our lives with ourselves and others.

Deep psyche revelations were brought to the surface with Mars Rx.
As Mars gains speed and leaves Libra, we are Upward bound – goals in sight !

Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer are the houses where we have been and continue to grow and Grow and GROW through facing personal challenges. 

Mars in Libra sextiles Leo and Sagittarius, creating and exploring, respectively.
 houses hold your golden opportunities if you work them.

Gemini and Aquarius have an incoming boost in brainwaves, inventive, inspirational ideas will rise with fire moving direct !