as the crow flies

CrowMurat Sunger

Crow Totem showed up just a few minutes ago, Mars rules crows.

Mars has been on my mind lately for more resins (omg ironic typo) reasons than one.  Neptune is square my natal Sagittarius Mars by the backdoor, in addition to biggie natal Neptuner. I am positively steeping in fog and mysticism
I am here ::: not here under this transit.

Eg. my gal pal had to rewind 3 times before I could hear a line in Game of Thrones last night.   wtf ?!?  I was listening….it’s just Neptune fuzz – gotta deal.  I do seem to be handling the low energy better + divination has skyrocketed, even for me.

There are 5 species of crows, one of which is the raven.

crow hitching a ride Hyeongchol KimHyeongchol Kim

CROW appearing signals CHANGES.
They live in the void, seeing past, present and future simultaneously.
They unite the light and the dark – the inner and the outer worlds.

Crow is one of the smartest of all birds, CROWS USE TOOLS.
They have been observed both manufacturing and using a hooked tool made by plucking and stripping a barbed twig.

Crow is a cool totem message since my Sagittarius Mars (tools) trines Aries Saturn (USE); transit Mars is opposite natal Saturn.

Crows deliver spirit messages from the world beyond the veil. 
Crow is a member of the songbird family due to its voice box structure.  Crows have potential vocabularies as large or larger than parrots via mimicry.  They have an extensive vocal repertoire including: alarm, feeding, rally, comeback, fight calls and courtship calls.  Crows mate for life.

Crows are experts at adapting to survive.  
They are omnivorous scavengers, eating almost anything they can swallow.

Crows are sentinels clever, watchful, keen-eyed students of the worlds around them – both physical and spiritual.
Crow helps unfold the ancient mysteries, open the gates to the supernatural. Crow Wisdom in tandem with silence and contemplation will deliver the spiritual balance needed to become a true practitioner of personal power and magick.

Crows are shape-shifters who can bend the laws of the physical universe.
They have the ability to grasp complex ideas and philosophies.

Elder spirits bring crow prior to a test – if the test is passed, a great message will be given to the seeker.  To the alchemist, the crow stood for the condition produced when all the elements had been separated out.

Crows have attributes of: trickery, skill, cunning, bringing knowledge, magickal illusions, mental shape-shifting.

One final message for all my readers from crow:
photo 49
Cool Crow Augury here


12 thoughts on “as the crow flies

  1. Crows have facial recognition, too; they can recognize you if they’ve seen you before.

    A crow incident: The other day I was sitting in my car, facing a semi-rural area. A crow flies in front of my windshield carrying a very small animal. A rabbit chases it. Soon the rabbit runs back the way it came. I lean my forehead on the steering wheel, feeling…? As soon as I look up, the exact thing happens again. It was torture. And yet again, for the third time, it happens. In addition to seeing 1:11 or 11:11 or just 11 for months now, I have to wonder what is happening.

    • Odd.
      Glitch in the Matrix ?
      I kid.
      It is natural to feel sad for them, but animals are in ONE moment, they accept fate much more gracefully than humans.

      Rabbits are ground dwellers – chases, birds + flight are Uranus.
      Sounds like you are being prompted by spirit to reach higher octaves of spirit communication…

      Keep moving UP
      Cheers lulu !

  2. Interesting as Mars is set to transit Corvus, Raven constellation with Gienah 10* Libra.
    Perhaps the crow had picked up a baby rabbit and it’s mother was chasing it?
    I was feeling some disassociation around the full moon like parts pf my body in parallel dimensions but started to feel happier with Sun into Sadge.
    Had 2 dreams of receiving healing/ balancing from an old man/ Guide.
    Dreamt I had to climb up a really high ladder, [I hate heights!] to retrieve my poodle, from a small room up there. i knew I had to do it. Got to the top of the ladder and there was a small brown rabbit quite content nestled there.
    I think the message is it is safe for me to evolve, vulnerability, and embrace the gentleness of a rabbit naturally, brown rabbit.

    • Thanks for the transit bits !
      Planned to pop in more tonight, crow has deep lore, fascinating !
      I love that peaceful attic rabbit visual !
      Also the healing …

      I find it odd having a Neptune transit, that I am not remembering my dreams.
      ….oh wait… I did kiss Spiderman – then sadly went back to making mental lists re: work.
      Much prefer the snazzy superhero.

      Glad you are feeling better.

      • Well I did have Tom Cruise and Kylie and Danni Minogue wandering through 1 of mine, but no doubt would prefer to kiss Spiderman too!

      • HA !
        Yeah, I like Andrew’s Spidey, dark and gritty.
        Crack up that my T. Mars opp Saturnman illustrates kiss so perfectly !
        Astrology rocks

  3. I meant to say Corvus is Crow. Pretty tricky people too! I saw 1 chasing off a black cockatoo as I drove into town yesterday. Hawk flew over my head as I drove in town, and twice heron just over my head last two days.

    • I knew since I had been studying, but thank you for clarifying for others. : )

      Cool, love bird sightings.
      They always deliver messages + quickly, within an hour or two.
      I find it interesting that in most myths worldwide, crows used to be white until some sort of calamity struck (they called warnings, were too clever) then were turned black in anger or some form of punishment.

      Putting this here so I can get it later. PBS Murder of Crows

  4. Gorgeous blog! I’ve been very interested in Crows, Ravens, and Bald Eagles as we have them all here. Last month Crows built a next right off in the wood next to our backyard. They fly continually over me, and speak now and then to me. I was especially intrigued by your words of Elder Sprits bring Crow prior to a test, and equally intrigued by The Stars Tarot card, for I have been a very long journey.

    • Welcome and thank you !
      I too love crows, all birds really, and the messages they deliver.
      Well wishes on your journey. . .

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