cosmic contemplations

Junichi MasudaJunichi Masuda

llamas are camelids, ruled by Saturn

Scorpio Moon will meet up with Saturn Rx this time tomorrow.

They will form a grand water trine
Cancer Sun, Chiron in Pisces.

Solid emotional foundations form
on the way to
Capricorn Full Moon.

Gemini Venus squares Pisces Chiron
exact at that time.

Cultivate cosmic contemplations.
Healing and Peace of Mind
start inwardly.

Love yourself.
Zen Zone


2 thoughts on “cosmic contemplations

  1. Generally I am not fond of llama’s and camels but today I am seeing them pop up a lot and I like them a lot more. Maybe this is why.

    • This contest winning photo cracked me up – looks like a selfie, + I have a thing for Machu Picchu.
      I looked up Llama as totem: pack animal, sure footed, hard work, patience, endurance. Interestingly, their breeding cycle lasts all year.
      Kismet really, with Moon (fertility) conjunct Saturn (time) today.
      Cheers !

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