photo 7Wildwood Tarot

Contemplation cards drawn for incoming Full Moon in Capricorn.
(Moon meets Saturn/ then Pluto) 

Guardian (Saturn Rx in Scorpio) indicates looking at the deep recesses and facing our primal fears so that we may learn to master them.  
Guardian is initiation – complex, individual – we meet our deepest instincts, eyeball to eyeball.
When we understand them, we learn we can forge and master them.  Turning to face our deamons we gain courage, wisdom, strength and resilience.

King of Vessels (Moon) is astute in visions and intuitions.  He is calm, perceptive…quietly alone with reflections…psychic waters become clear, focused.
Guardian of esoteric secrets, this bird is equally intellectual and emotional, he stands at the gateway between life and death to act as a mediator.

Listen to your intuitions at this Full Moon, be open to magic.