James Paick

News came in this eve that someone close to me was the victim of police brutality.    Tasered, cuffed, kicked/beaten bloody while unconscious without provocation.  Onlookers called an ambulance (disregarding police warnings to mind their own business), thankfully putting a stop to what could have been much worse.

Mars rules police, weapons, and aggression; obviously tazers are Uranus.

Briefly, big factors via transits were Saturn return with Full Moon in Capricorn (7.12) square natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction while transiting Mars/N Node rode same conjunction.  Transiting Jupiter rode natal Uranus which squared the same natal conjunction.
Cardinal cross landed in solar houses 1,4,7,10 aka crisis and an outrush of activity.

Saturn rules justice (or lack thereof), karma, restriction; Jupiter on Uranus equals one hell of a surprise.
Note: Transits listed are not those of the defendant, but of rather those of a close relation.
I don’t have the heart to say much of anything else.
Signing off as I usually do.

Gneiss Moon


photo 8Mary-El Tarot

Heads UP for Libra Mars conjunct North Node as we power forward into Full Capricorn Moon.  I absolutely love that Empress came upI asked what will help up us collectively sugarfoot through the tricky bits. The abrupt energies of Shaman square Wizard (Uranus square Pluto), a cardinal grand cross and a constricted (detriment) Full Moon in Capricon is offset by a lovely trine between Mars/NNode and Mercury/Venus in flexible Gemini.

I for one, have taken a powder here and there for the last few because of recurring fever that 5 ibuprofen won’t even dent.  Mars/North Node are riding my Mercury, so I want to write, but decided maybe taking a day off from job #2 (GMA) would be deserved, since I am not getting vacation from job #1.  So yeah, Empress – the Nurturer, the Great Mother, the compassionate – I am feeling her with full moon culminating in my first house of self.

In foil to High Priestess mother archetype who is the remote/void/ocean – the Empress is warm/abundant/giving.  Fascinating that the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Gimel which means camel, who showed up two posts ago as llama (camelid) in Peru.
Saturn again, rules Capricorn.

So onto camel totem:
Ted Andrews says of camel: replenishment; surviving during parched times and rough journeys.  Camel shows us what we are able to accomplish and succeed in environments that often amaze others and ourselves.
Drink water.  

Also camel is a nod to full moon with Pluto –  reserves of power – camel’s fatty humps store hydrogen atoms which when combined with oxygen form water for their body tissues. Camels take nano naps, so check sleep rituals + take power sleeps.

They have a high level of endorphins, so camels have a natural high – ever seen Capricorns go  from cool, poised, reserved to downright silly in a nanosecond ? 
Goofy goaty goats here. 

Keep in mind – Play is just as important as work !

My mother is a Capricorn, actually both my folks are Cap Suns/Scorp Moons/Mars 7 – everybody was waving a shiny scepter, lol.  I am familiar with power struggles coming from all sides, but often the hardest ones for me to detect are the ones coming from the inside – Saturn Rx in Aries here, Capricorn rising.
Working on it !  Which is what Capricorn is all about, yah ?  Stay positive, keep going, work hard – but also remember to Play hard !

So back to The Empress, she is Mother to all creation, the bridge (Saturn rules) from spirit to matter – she is the Great Manifestor.  She helps put all that work into perspective, yes ? – one foot in front of the other, carpe diem !
She is mercy, diversity and grace through troubled times.  She shines a light in dark places when all other lights go out, she delivers clarity, love and kindness to any and all matters.

Let love lead the way. . .

Lastly, the Hebrew translation of Eve is Havah “to live”, which is 3/4 of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH (name of God).  HYH or Hayah “to exist’ completes the circle, is part of the name God identifies himself with to Moses: Ehyeh asher ehyeh, I AM THAT I AM.  

Ultra Mars !  Primo Destiny !
Take the best of what has been (your skills) and transform them into what is yet to be (build upon them with NEW skills).
Boldly go where no one has gone before !

Saturn rules this full moon, and finds exaltation in fair, harmonious Libra.
Nurture yourself and others in balance – know your power, stay strong, remain focused on fulfilling your destiny while also being kind.

Note : Mars/North Node will push for new uncomfortable territory – that’s the point, you will know it because it is hard, unfamiliar.

peace & sugarfeet


photo 7Wildwood Tarot

Contemplation cards drawn for incoming Full Moon in Capricorn.
(Moon meets Saturn/ then Pluto) 

Guardian (Saturn Rx in Scorpio) indicates looking at the deep recesses and facing our primal fears so that we may learn to master them.  
Guardian is initiation – complex, individual – we meet our deepest instincts, eyeball to eyeball.
When we understand them, we learn we can forge and master them.  Turning to face our deamons we gain courage, wisdom, strength and resilience.

King of Vessels (Moon) is astute in visions and intuitions.  He is calm, perceptive…quietly alone with reflections…psychic waters become clear, focused.
Guardian of esoteric secrets, this bird is equally intellectual and emotional, he stands at the gateway between life and death to act as a mediator.

Listen to your intuitions at this Full Moon, be open to magic.


Restless Immortals

Bridge of Immortals, Huangshan, China.From the azure skies above
descends a jade-like flow
and nine fascinating lotuses
rise out of the hills below
:::  Libai :::

July 12
Full Moon 20 degrees Capricorn
London 12:25pm
Beijing 7:25pm
Chicago 6:25am

Huangshan, China (above: Bridge of Immortals) is famous for what are called, the four wonders: ancient pines, bizarre rock formations, sea of clouds, hot springs.  Four is Saturn, Earth, structure, rocks, time.  Pictured below is Wulingyuan known for over 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars – yes, they are the basis for the Hallelujah Mts. on Pandora.
These sites are from the Anhui and Hunan provinces, respectively, I’ll pop in more pics from the former, in the text below.


Full Moon in Capricorn is gonna get the lead out ! 
As luna travels, she metamorphs over Pluto Rx, squares Uranus before full lunation, then squares Mars tightly conjunct North Node of Destiny in Libra.

We will feel the tension to act + NOW  – but with the utmost restraint/decorum as is fitting a Capricorn moon.  Cardinal energy pushes us into the front of the fracas –  we have to work our feelings out, work past previous limits of both thought and faith.

Gemini Mercury and Cancer Jupiter have reached 29 (culmination) degrees.  Full to bursting with knowledge inherent in each sign, they are restless, ready to graduate and move on.  Each is signaling new ways of thinking and feeling in regards to the past, authority, structures we have built.

bridgeofimmortals8Libra Mars tag teams with North Node of Destiny – instinctually striving for guts/glory though balanced use of what was & what will be.  This tag team also trines Venus and Mercury in Gemini illuminating interactive communications re: fairness in relationships, money and art.  Powered thinking drives parity.

Restless comms are taken stratospheric with the addition of Mercury quintile Uranus.  Heads UP – incoming brainstorms / bolts from the blue.

Saturn Rx (rules Capricorn and this Full Moon) trines Sun, Chiron Rx in Pisces, sextiles Moon while it is quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Driving with the brakes on even though you know where you’re going, rubber meets the road via the daily health grind.  Oxygen mask on self first, then your sidekick, savvy ?

This Capricorn full lunation presides over feeling the release of all the deep psyche dredging and swamp navel gazing we have been doing while Saturn revised house Scorpio.  We lift our collective eyes from staring into the abyss when Saturn stations direct at 16 Scorpio 8 days after full moon, hallelujah amen.  But, that’s not all…

Uranus stations retrograde at 16 Aries the day after that, shifting our styles of competition into innovative, yet more reflective directions.  Mercury moves into Cancer on the 13th, Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th, Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th, Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th, and Mercury moves into Leo on the 31st.  Restless immortals, indeed.

Peace out

Seed Syllable


Om = Salutations !  Wake up !
Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh.
It is his “seed syllable” or bija mantra.
Ganapataye = Another name of Ganesh, the breaker of obstacles.


Ganesh is guardian of knowledge, doors and houses, sage of wisdom and enlightenment.
Great timing with Jupes ready to pop into the sign of its exaltation, Cancer.

Gemini is speech and Jupiter is benevolent.
Mantra of moving
through MOUNTAINS of obstacles
with the Capricorn full moon.
Join me ?

…my Ganesh postcard just pitched itself off my wall again –
Sure sign something’s UP . . !

Full SUPERmoon in Capricorn
6:32am CST,USA

House Capricorn is gifted enlightenment, a culmination with the full lunation.
See where your Cap house lands in your chart, timely emotional knowledge incoming.

Tuesday 25 
Jupiter into Cancer*

8:40pm CST, USA
* Interps here.

peace & love

still waters run

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved
in secret
between the shadow and the soul.
Pablo Neruda

Grand Water Trine
Supports the clearing house happening now
in Cardinal signs
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Saturday 8
New Moon in Gemini
10:56am CST, USA

Set intent at that time
or just after
your project will thrive with the moon
as she grows to full

June 23
Full Moon in Capricorn
 6:32am CST, USA


Trash to Treasure Transit

Federico Bebber

Tuesday 3rd
Mars enters Libra 7:32am CST, USA
Full Moon in Capricorn, 12 degrees, 1:52pm

Mars into Libra drives to amp up all things beautiful, and creative as well as $$$ until the 23 of August when Mars enters Scorpio.

Balance will found by taking creative action.  Mars gets a flavor of steady work here in the sign of balance where Saturn is exalted.  Everything deemed unnecessary while Mars was in Virgo is packed up – now we sell or beautify what remains.

This is a time to align actions of self-care with those of caring for others in our lives.  Mars in Libra will tip the scales of balance in order to take charge – balance and diplomacy must be cultivated.  This could get interesting as Mars enters Libra and immediately begins to move into an opposition with Uranus and a square to Pluto.

Outward power, meet inward power, meet surprises.

Mars also moves into Libra and trines bigtime creativity – Jupiter conjunct Venus !
a cha cha
 Both of which sextile Aries Uranus / Mercury in Leo = intellectual creative fire !

Create something beautiful on the earth plane.
Think trash to treasure – yeah !

Let’s make Mars in Libra the trash to treasure transit + Bonus Points + if your  treasure lights up or is electric somehow, or is something kooky, but useful.  It has to be plutonic or trash  of some kind, broken or abandoned or whatever. 

Like : Finish that poem you started years ago or take a favorite quote and paint it on something – make those blue jean squares into a camping blanket, cut up those pictures and make a collage. I save all my candle wax, re-melt it to make new ones.  See what I mean ..?

OOo fun !  Mars loves a good competition – who’s in ?  Just like combing the junkyard in art school searching for some unknown weird ‘thigamajig’ that became the seed of the brilliant sculptural art piece.  I am totally going for it, join me if you like !

Mars will power into Libra and immediately form a trine with Jupiter and Venus in Gemini – think artistically, creatively !  Personally there must be something to re-purpose in your surrounds, and globally practically every corner has something that could use a good metamorphosis, yes ?  Let’s brainstorm solutions and fix things !

Moon Dance

The Full Moon in Cap will be activating my 5th and 11th solar houses, and it seems I am going to involve others in inventing creative solutions re: USE of STUFF. 

Full Moon will bring information in your house of Capricorn, from the opposite house of Cancer (home) this will be a reveal, about work or public persona.  Look for what house your Capricorn falls on, and see what that house rules, that will likely be the nature of your news.   Moon will pass over Pluto before Full, so feelings may hit a speed bump, desires may spike for good or ill – fair warning – breathe deep, clearly and calmly communicate your intent and keep moving the energies along.

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto will be the focal point of one T-square with Mars and Uranus.  Uranus will be the focal point of the other T-square with The Full Moon conjunct Pluto, and Sun.

In a nutshell : that’s power, feelings, surprise, and revelation – so pack your zen, just in case.

Of course see the houses of Scorpio and Pisces for your opportunities arising.

Look to the houses of Virgo and Taurus for your benefits  and energies you can more easily draw upon to relieve the squares.