droppin no eaves

Jupiter in the last degree of Gem Gem 
:: Gem & 3rd house rule neighbors ::
and mine showed up to help me carve my 12 foot hedge. 

While slicing, it occurred to me that Mercury (hearing, speaking) Rx in a few
Saturn (listening) direct in a few
while Jupes is in the last degree of Gemini (curious, gossip) . . .

Pulling into Merc stations & truth pops out, every time.

Ps. Gem rules hands; Jupiter rules largess; Mars scissors; Mercury rules bells
How great is this tune for Jupes at 29 Gem ?!


Seed Syllable


Om = Salutations !  Wake up !
Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh.
It is his “seed syllable” or bija mantra.
Ganapataye = Another name of Ganesh, the breaker of obstacles.


Ganesh is guardian of knowledge, doors and houses, sage of wisdom and enlightenment.
Great timing with Jupes ready to pop into the sign of its exaltation, Cancer.

Gemini is speech and Jupiter is benevolent.
Mantra of moving
through MOUNTAINS of obstacles
with the Capricorn full moon.
Join me ?

…my Ganesh postcard just pitched itself off my wall again –
Sure sign something’s UP . . !

Full SUPERmoon in Capricorn
6:32am CST,USA

House Capricorn is gifted enlightenment, a culmination with the full lunation.
See where your Cap house lands in your chart, timely emotional knowledge incoming.

Tuesday 25 
Jupiter into Cancer*

8:40pm CST, USA
* Interps here.

peace & love

the verse speaketh

Hilar !
Put it right out there buddy !
Leo Moon flair, confidence and check ME out  lol.

I once had a friend who argued “not everything means something”.
Wrong !
I get messages (Mercury) on the roadways constantly.
 (Saturn Rx in 3 trine Mars in 11 – high octave messages)

Once I was wondering “should I go to all 3 shows ?”
Just then, a license plate on a passing car read

Mercury Venus and Jupiter in Gemini – short distance commuting.
 Venus (love) sextile Uranus (God)*
Opportunity knocks for some odd love dialogues*


ps.  yes he was sexeh, I checked him out

silent morph

Fallen Angel
Enchanted Map

Card on the left is Saturn energy ::: card on the right is Jupiter energy
Cards I pulled this am.
Fortunes I have pulled in the last couple of days…they have been laying on my workbench in command central…waiting.
They pinpoint the planetary energies well.

Even Saturn people get tired of Saturn, but we are resigned to it. 
Suck it up, keep moving. 
Saturn restricts, limits, tests – Saturn is karma.
Saturn in the natal is the house where you will WORK and WORK and WORK.
Same holds true of where it transits.

On the upside, (cause every planet and sitch has two sides) Saturn is focus, patience and justice, the reward delivered at the end of the line.
What you give; you get.


Jupiter is the planet of fun-loving frolic, luck, long distance travel, optimism and expansion.  It sounds like a good time because IT IS.  On the downside, Jupiter scatters, is extravagant, over-confident and it makes bigger every energy it contacts – good or bad.

Jupiter in the natal and by transit indicates growth, exploration and philosophies garnered through travel of both the body and mind.
Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto as I write this (restriction/metamorphosis of feelings), the aspect will pass very soon, pressure will release.  (Apologies, I checked out for a bit – Saturn opposing my natal Moon & Moon transit in Cap kicked me into hermit mode – Saturn is hermits, alone)

Mercury, Mars and Neptune are square Jupiter in Gemini.

Taurus and Capricorn are the places to find your opportunities at the moment – investigate and act on the feelings / actions inspiration to be found in those houses.

Cancers and Scorps are getting ease through the trine to Pisces – thinking, actions and healing inspirations are primo for you – full speed ahead !

Virgosbong – peace talks.  Someone in your face forcing adjustments in thinking, actions, artistic inspirations and boundaries.

Geminis and Sagittarians are facing inner metamorphosis regarding thinking, actions, spiritual / artistic goals, boundaries.
Now for the reading:
Both cards drawn are 25 seven is a spiritual number, ruled by Uranus – sevens signal rebellion and spiritual growth.  Ironically also polarities and dualities – very appropriate for current astro.

25 Forneus
Element Earth; Planet Moon
this read is amazingly accurate, yes ?  love it when that happens
Rhetoric, fluency and speaking in tongues – this gift coupled with honesty will serve you well in all dealings with others.  You will be respected by all, including your enemies.

This angel’s totem is a sea monster, indicating deep subconscious healing and mystical inspiration.  Know the trickster – see the dualities – be aware of both sides of yourself and others.  Light and shadow side, intelligence and justice – the sword of truth is double-edged.  Interesting also that Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – or in each other’s signs, a form of sharing and dualities…

This card points to honesty with others and also being honest with yourself.
::: Apply this card to your house of natal Saturn as well as house Scorpio :::

25 Metamorphosis
Pain, transformation and letting go – (Plutonic) energy of death and rebirth.
Powerful force, intense struggle which results in profound change.  The thing about metamorphosis – you are virtually unrecognizable to your former self.  This power destroys, uncovers ALL – metamorphoses – to make ALL shiny and new.

This is not an invitation to USE the energies you are forced to change – like it or not.
(yes, USE is a Pluto in Capricorn reference)

When applied to Jupiter energies, which was what I asked the cards… It points to the recent Jupiter retrograde – thinking and philosophies about it turned inward in dual Gemini.

Metamorphosis card speaks of the polarities of shrinking, tweaking, examining the innards – aka retrograde – so that the aim is more accurately directed now that Jupiter  is direct.
:::: Apply this card to your house of natal Jupiter, as well as house Gemini :::

Quickie rundown on houses here.



Lovely Leo FULL Moon
Old, Cold,January Moon After Yule
Wolf Moon

Wild FULL Lunation here !
Fell in my 8th where Jupiter lives hand in hand with Venus.
Metamorphstation Revelations uhhuh
Jupiter is flexing, stretching like a rubber band about to snap & fly

Jupiter direct
6 degrees Gemini
January 30

5:37am CST, USA
Where is :
Your Gemini House ?
Your Jupes house ?

Each is getting a forward thrust very soon
::: shakalakaBOOMbabee ::::

Whatever stalled in October gets kickstarted in 4,3,2, ONE
Check your Gem / Jupes houses below
for where & how
you get your optimistic
Everything is moving it out direct motion

February 18 (USA)
Saturn retrograde

February 23
Mercury Retrograde

1, 5, 9 are the personal houses
1 – physical body, style of competition
5 – love and expression
9 – spirit in human experience

2, 6, 10 are the material houses
2 – worldly possessions, earned $, peace of mind
6 – health, daily routine
10 – social status, prestige, career

3, 7, 11 are the social houses
3 – siblings, thinking
7 – partner of the heart, enemies
11 – friends, global collective

4, 8, 12 are the houses of emotions & endings
4 – womb and the tomb, family
8 – sex, death & rebirth, other people’s $
12 – cosmic connections, All One
:: Jupes stationing ::
Pisces & Virgos snap the internal work :
Aries & Leo get a lucky chance :
Gems, Aquarius and Libras cut loose, break free :
Sagittarians face the music

peace love and get the lead OUT !


There are no mistakes and it’s never boring on the edge of imagination, which is only pure spirit out having a bit of fun.
Wavy Gravy

Welcome to 2013 !
Gotta laugh, life is comical.
 I was tweaking one teeny thing in drop down menu and the whole thing went pfft.  Transit Pluto square (Uranus and) natal Saturn in Aries 3rd – techno snafu gutted it.
Was making changes anyway – this just speeds things up a bit.

Mercury in Capricorn coming to conjunct Pluto and Sun all square Uranus in Aries.
 Moon is in late Leo on her way to Virgo, as she moves into Virgo – she will trine all of the above, one after another.

Tuesday January 1
Moon into Virgo
11:35pm CST, USA

Aquarius Mars trines Jupiter Rx in Gemini – both sextile Uranus Aries.  Headspace is going to be busy – ideas rushing in – full of dualities and possibilities – Jupiter opens new horizons in the brainpan.

Saturn in Scorp streamlines – squeezes – she digs, delves and uses all that swampy gunk, all the Plutonic trash to make treasure. 
Scorp rids; Cap builds – both take time, fyi…
 Saturn and Pluto aren’t exactly Ferrari’s of the zodiac, so be patient with yourself.

Think of Saturn in Scorp as your diamond / oil transit. 

Mind your mines as Jupes Rx is still a stress point with Saturn and Pluto.
Saturn in Scorp is all about releasing what is no longer of USE.
Write it down & burn it up if you have to – get rid of what mentally ails / fails you.

We’ll be getting lots of support from earth to earth – Virgo Moon hits the ground running. Thoughts and feelings gain traction on the material plane, slow and steady processing is progressing, stay positive.

Aries / Libra will be growth central – actions imminent !
Cancer peeps pop up making you aware of actions you need to take.

Mars squares Saturn : time to slow cook the gumbo. 
You KNOW what you DESIRE – and you want it now ?!? lol. yeah, I get that.

Lesson of Jupiter Rx point of Yod ?
Trusting the Finger of the ONE God / Goddess.

The universe works with you . . . critical information will download as it is meant to, precisely on time, as the gears of the cosmic wheel shift.
Trust it.



Saturn sextiles Pluto – mutual reception – each in each others ruling house, they are for all intents and purposes working very well together, they have a strong energetic connection, like a psychic linkage.

Your Scorpio (Saturn) and Capricorn (Pluto) houses are where immense growth is possible – USE what you HAVE, follow your INSTINCTS, what you DESIRE is within reach.  This is one of many messages this Cancer Full Moon is delivering. more here

Jupiter Rx is the apex of a Yod – it is quincunx both Saturn and Pluto, both of which sextile each other.  Changes will be in progress through the strain on energies of Jupiter Rx in Gemini.  Visionary thinking turned inward.  Faith and thoughts of bonds expressed quietly, unconventionally.  Gemini is dual, seeing both sides of ethical dilemmas is likely.

How and what do you believe ?
How do you approach ceremony ? committment ?
What are your personal truths ?  your deal breakers ?

Ye olde traditional ways of SEEing your houses of Scorpio and Capricorn may be misleading – get innovative, be clever, flirt with ideas – choose carefully what to reveal, what to teach, what bridges to build and to whom. 

Who or what are your allies ?  your totems ?
Definition of totem: an object (as an animal or plant) serving as the emblem of a family or clan and often as a reminder of its ancestry; also: a usually carved or painted representation of such an object

Very Full Cancer Moon, yes ? 
Family, roots and ancestors, earth allies.

Mercury (in Sagittarius) and Jupiter Rx (in Gemini) are also in mutual reception, feeling a strong energetic connection, a psychic link.  Revolutionary thinking is expansive, yet also internalized.

I wrote before, this lunation calls for a separation of hopes, a choice of some kind.
Ditch one thing, keep another – the duality of Gem and Sag – coupled with the loss inherent to Pluto, and the building inherent to Saturn. 
 With this in mind, I have been cleaning, getting rid of the material dross (Saturn sextile Pluto) in my home and in my life.  Pluto has been dredging up oodles of Martian personality traits – particularly through dealings with others (Pluto in my first – opposite seventh).
 Life is made for lessons, and I am getting them in spades – Matrix downloads – one right after another. Teachers are coming out of the woodwork – reflecting – what I don’t want to be, and also what I am striving for.  

Mirrors are ruled by Moon and Mercury – fitting for the current astro.
A good friend (a Sagittarius) pointed this out to me, so I share this with everyone in hopes we all can enter a more positive loving future, together.

Wrote about Gayatri Mantra here after I saw MOMIX botanica. Two similar translations are offered there, if you are an expert in Sanskrit and can do better, by all means, please do so.

With love, even the rocks will open.
Hazrat Inayat Khan


key to chill


Strings are wound pretty tight out there, yeah..?
 I am getting that from my circle, and I am feeling it myself.  Where I am (central US) the heat is rising along with the humidity as the astro square of Uranus and Pluto grows tighter.  Cranky and bitchy is a common commodity these days.
Patience is a little harder to come by, exquisite and golden.

Keep this in mind: as the date grows nearer to exact, the aspect is stronger.
June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

So in the interest of keeping the astro distilled to the finest essence …
let’s acknowledge what we can  do to relieve the pressure.  I have got a simple solution, free ( we love free, yes ? ) and easy, can be done anywhere.

Here it is : breathe.

That’s it.
I told you it was simple.

Think of it this way – and Gemini house loves to think – and will from every angle.
Gem house is soon to be packed – as I write this Moon is at 29 degrees Toro nearly into Gemini to join Jupiter, Venus Rx, and Sun.

Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the benefics, the fortunate planets.
They are ALL in Gemini.

Gemini rules the lungs.  
and the nervous system :: our key to chill is breathing.

They (Moon, Jup, Ven) however; are in square to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in the healing sign of Pisces. (Sun trines Nept and Chiron.)  Squares are an obstacle, needs to be solved – we yearn to know how to heal the macro and micro. 
Retrogrades indicate a searching within for knowledge and revising the energy output it signals a chance to re-invent the way we express that energy in our lives.
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, it is divine love for all life big and small.
It is where the macro and micro meet as ONE.
Chiron is the wounded centaur who explores remedies and ultimately gifts his knowledge to heal self and others via natural methods.
Yes, heal self – for the healer is also healed – it is an energy exchange.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Start small.
Inner world, then outer world.
In the airplane you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, right ?!

The micro universe of cells within our bodies needs fresh oxygen that only comes with deep breathing.  Most people take 13-20 breaths per minute. Try to take 8 or fewer. Relax the pace of your respiration.

….slow down….relax…breathe deeply…..bless your body as you do so….
Diaphragmatic breathing helps control the nervous system. Breathing slowly and deeply brings a sense of peace, relaxation and focus.  note: Jupiter in Gemini scatters, lacks focus – diaphragmatic breathing will help !  Deep breathing stimulates the lymph system, it helps relieve hypertension and migraines. As oxygen goes into our blood stream, our cells excrete toxins, deep breathing helps our lymphatic system expel these toxins.

Pranayama is : Prāna, which means life force, or vital energy (for the breath) and “āyāma,” to suspend or restrain. Often translated as control of the life force, when used as a technical term in yoga, it is interpreted, more specifically, as “breath control.”

I’m going to visit the universal breathing room, maybe you will see my little breathing bubble pop up, it’s cool !   The link is on the sidebar (or click above) – you can see who is also coming from around the world to breathe together…..

om mani padme hum