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Strings are wound pretty tight out there, yeah..?
 I am getting that from my circle, and I am feeling it myself.  Where I am (central US) the heat is rising along with the humidity as the astro square of Uranus and Pluto grows tighter.  Cranky and bitchy is a common commodity these days.
Patience is a little harder to come by, exquisite and golden.

Keep this in mind: as the date grows nearer to exact, the aspect is stronger.
June 23 – Uranus square Pluto exact 10:19pm, CST, USA.

So in the interest of keeping the astro distilled to the finest essence …
let’s acknowledge what we can  do to relieve the pressure.  I have got a simple solution, free ( we love free, yes ? ) and easy, can be done anywhere.

Here it is : breathe.

That’s it.
I told you it was simple.

Think of it this way – and Gemini house loves to think – and will from every angle.
Gem house is soon to be packed – as I write this Moon is at 29 degrees Toro nearly into Gemini to join Jupiter, Venus Rx, and Sun.

Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the benefics, the fortunate planets.
They are ALL in Gemini.

Gemini rules the lungs.  
and the nervous system :: our key to chill is breathing.

They (Moon, Jup, Ven) however; are in square to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in the healing sign of Pisces. (Sun trines Nept and Chiron.)  Squares are an obstacle, needs to be solved – we yearn to know how to heal the macro and micro. 
Retrogrades indicate a searching within for knowledge and revising the energy output it signals a chance to re-invent the way we express that energy in our lives.
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, it is divine love for all life big and small.
It is where the macro and micro meet as ONE.
Chiron is the wounded centaur who explores remedies and ultimately gifts his knowledge to heal self and others via natural methods.
Yes, heal self – for the healer is also healed – it is an energy exchange.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Gandhi

Start small.
Inner world, then outer world.
In the airplane you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, right ?!

The micro universe of cells within our bodies needs fresh oxygen that only comes with deep breathing.  Most people take 13-20 breaths per minute. Try to take 8 or fewer. Relax the pace of your respiration.

….slow down….relax…breathe deeply…..bless your body as you do so….
Diaphragmatic breathing helps control the nervous system. Breathing slowly and deeply brings a sense of peace, relaxation and focus.  note: Jupiter in Gemini scatters, lacks focus – diaphragmatic breathing will help !  Deep breathing stimulates the lymph system, it helps relieve hypertension and migraines. As oxygen goes into our blood stream, our cells excrete toxins, deep breathing helps our lymphatic system expel these toxins.

Pranayama is : Prāna, which means life force, or vital energy (for the breath) and “āyāma,” to suspend or restrain. Often translated as control of the life force, when used as a technical term in yoga, it is interpreted, more specifically, as “breath control.”

I’m going to visit the universal breathing room, maybe you will see my little breathing bubble pop up, it’s cool !   The link is on the sidebar (or click above) – you can see who is also coming from around the world to breathe together…..

om mani padme hum

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  1. The universal breathing room is a great resource. Thank you! I am feeling contracted and keep reminding myself to breathe.

    • Glad you like, me too. Esp. connecting across the world with others doing the same.
      Hot and humid here. Woke up from sleep, also feeling a bit compressed. Lighting incense, write a bit, try zzz again.

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