the way is open

Dark Moon in Taurus …. Luna meets up with all the benefics on her way to new in Gemini.  Moon conjunct Jupiter, then Venus Rx, then Sun.
This feels good for us, a bit of an emotional exhale…so relax a bit for dark moon.

Dark moons are a time of rest, rejuvenation – the water in our bodies is at a low ebb and our blood moves slower, we are less energetic.  Go for your ultimate chill by looking to your moon sign and placement.

Feed your Moon to feel good.

I am earth moon, Taurus in 4.  I am going to clean up / decor my basement a bit – I hibernate down there in the summer, it is my lush batgrrrlcave.  Fourth house is home, and Toro likes to feed the senses, (Venus rules) and make the surroundings beautiful.

Venus Rx in Gemini also squares Chiron Rx in Pisces, let your mind dwell on self-care and how to be good to what your body needs.  Venus is reviewing the South Node path as well, have a care towards where your thoughts have led you in the past.  Time to review and re-invent ::: form better habits and ways of dealing with exchanges of love and money.  Pisces house needs to blur and dissolve – it is the cosmic ocean of all one, yet while Gemini Venus Rx is in square to Chiron and Neptune both Rx in Pisces – it is a call to form stronger personal boundaries in order to mentally, emotionally (Merc in Cancer squ Sat Rx in Libra) physically and financially retain balance.

This is accentuated by Mercury in Cancer – Mercury here wants to feel everything, suss out the kinks in choppy emotional waters, smooth things over, nurture and protect.  It squares Saturn Rx in Libra, at times like these, I wonder what sort of relationship (Saturn Rx in Venus ruled Libra) has recently led us to feel emotionally stunted, twisted or lacking…? What teacher stumbled into our lives to reflect back what we most need to see in order to change ?

Saturn stations direct on the 25th at 22 degrees Libra and with it one door will close….and another will open.  A new path will emerge full of new possibilities. Some relationships will end so that new ones may grow in its place….we will nourish them :::  now wiser, stronger and with more presence of heart and mind.

Saturn’s lessons learned.

happy dark moon all~

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  1. weird and wacky as usual.
    Everything on this site is in italics. ?
    Wordpress gremlins are at it again. My apologies.
    I didn’t change a thing, don’t like this font.
    Tr. Mars nearing conjunct natal Uranus and the odd is invasive.
    I am taking a pasadena on trimming any shrubbery lest I chop myself or the cord in half again.
    Take care all xo GM

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