Genetics & Karma

Fourth House
Natural House of Cancer
Moon Rules

The fourth house determines
how and where we feel
at home, safe and secure
it is where we rest.

It is both the womb and the tomb.

Fourth house is family
particularly the mother or care-giver
the roommate
hotels and motels
the place of birth
and fixed unmovable possessions.

It is the genetics you inherit
and the land you live on.

Your privacy and your private matters
live in the fourth house.

Fourth house is agriculture, produce
farmers, gardeners
fields, growers
and buried treasures.

The breasts, stomach
digestion and the uterus are fourth house.

Real estate, property damages
public buildings
and the political party (or persons) opposing the government
are all fourth house.

It is personal spiritual security, and self-rehabilitation.

Fourth house is midnight
the well of psyche
it is where and how we relax

 to find balance.


Tenth House
Natural House of Capricorn
Saturn Rules

Tenth house determines how
we use
our inborn talents to achieve success in life.

Tenth House is adulthood, honors
fame or infamy
our status
in the world at large.

Tenth house rules the
working parent with the primary income,
the authoritarian in the home
with the highest rank. 

Tenth house is the career,
administration, business, chief executives
chairmen of the board,
and the boss.

It is presidents, prime ministers, monarchs
government officials
the political party in power.

Tenth house is popularity, esteem, promotions
rank and public reputation
it is how
the public at large sees you.

It is ambitions, goals, notoriety
and the rewards of karma.
Tenth house rules the
bones, knees and teeth.

Tenth house is high Noon
the Midheaven,
the Zenith,
the pinnacle
at the top of the mountain.

It is the structure you seek to build
your life upon.

It is
how and where
you make your mark
in the world.


1 thought on “Genetics & Karma

  1. New research indicates memories can be passed down to later generations through genetic switches that allow offspring to inherit the experience of their ancestors. Full story here.

    4th house is Moon (memories) Mother
    10th house is Saturn (fear) Father
    These signs are the generational axis – both deal with family and the past, what we physically inherit.
    [Uranus is genetics, specifically.]

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