Human Centrifuges

Circa 1929 Revere Beach, MA, USA.  Wall of Death.
Weird pic, yah ?
Centrifugal force
[ Latin centrum, meaning “center”, and fugere, meaning “to flee” ]
Centrifugal force is Mars ruled.
Virgo Mars is trine Jupiter in Gemini (that’s hot to trot positive thinking all over the shop)
Virgo Mars is trine North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius (Jupiter rules)
Gemini is packed, Mars is in Virgo – both signs are Mercury ruled- so our thoughts are likely ping – ponging from one thing to another as we try to suss out the issues of the
Aries and Capricorn houses in our chart.
Pluto is the higher octave of Mars which means divine will, power of action amped up to superhuman strength – we are being forced to face something within ourselves we do not like.

Pluto is currently squaring Aries (the sign Mars rules) specifically Pluto is nearing exact square to Uranus which is the higher octave of Mercury.

Think Human Centrifuges.

We are fleeing from our outdated gravitational centers.
Our thought patterns are being restructured, our brains re-wired, a shift is occurring.

What we thought we were is being morphed into what we are NOW.

Our personal paradigms are shifting and we are building new anchors —
We are rotating our wheels – cat burglars, listening for the tick of each tumbler as it falls into place.

Our combinations are tripped, our trap door unlocked, we are set free.

Cap & Aries : for me that is 3rd and 1st, respectively,  check these houses for your new doors opening : fresh self-awareness is upon us in these houses.

Also check out your natal Mars and Pluto and Uranus, you will be feeling these natal placements as well.

I saved the best for last…know that the Sagittarius house is where the dual polarities dovetail together into the future…

Sagittarius is where the compass of destiny is pointing ~>


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