Lucky charms

 Julia Sonmi Heglund

New Moon in Gemini 10:02am CST, USA

New Moon (is always conjunct Sun)

New Moon and Sun square both Mars in earth and Uranus in fire
These squares will feel a bit edgy, dig in and work, they will pass soon, as moon moves quickly through our skies…

New Moon trines Saturn Rx in air Neptune Rx in water
Revision : thoughts of how to work and find balance – health and idealistic visions

Venus Rx moves to conjunct Jupiter in Gemini in air
Keep it positive while reviewing past loves and creative financing.
Brainstorm improvements now.

Remember all the benefics are in thoughtful Gemini – work this in your positive favor !

Jupiter trines Mars in earth, Mars quintiles North Node of Destiny
Envision a bright shiny future : dream it, then be it.

Keep thoughts positive and set fresh intents and goals just at or right after exact the new moon.