Trash to Treasure Transit

Federico Bebber

Tuesday 3rd
Mars enters Libra 7:32am CST, USA
Full Moon in Capricorn, 12 degrees, 1:52pm

Mars into Libra drives to amp up all things beautiful, and creative as well as $$$ until the 23 of August when Mars enters Scorpio.

Balance will found by taking creative action.  Mars gets a flavor of steady work here in the sign of balance where Saturn is exalted.  Everything deemed unnecessary while Mars was in Virgo is packed up – now we sell or beautify what remains.

This is a time to align actions of self-care with those of caring for others in our lives.  Mars in Libra will tip the scales of balance in order to take charge – balance and diplomacy must be cultivated.  This could get interesting as Mars enters Libra and immediately begins to move into an opposition with Uranus and a square to Pluto.

Outward power, meet inward power, meet surprises.

Mars also moves into Libra and trines bigtime creativity – Jupiter conjunct Venus !
a cha cha
 Both of which sextile Aries Uranus / Mercury in Leo = intellectual creative fire !

Create something beautiful on the earth plane.
Think trash to treasure – yeah !

Let’s make Mars in Libra the trash to treasure transit + Bonus Points + if your  treasure lights up or is electric somehow, or is something kooky, but useful.  It has to be plutonic or trash  of some kind, broken or abandoned or whatever. 

Like : Finish that poem you started years ago or take a favorite quote and paint it on something – make those blue jean squares into a camping blanket, cut up those pictures and make a collage. I save all my candle wax, re-melt it to make new ones.  See what I mean ..?

OOo fun !  Mars loves a good competition – who’s in ?  Just like combing the junkyard in art school searching for some unknown weird ‘thigamajig’ that became the seed of the brilliant sculptural art piece.  I am totally going for it, join me if you like !

Mars will power into Libra and immediately form a trine with Jupiter and Venus in Gemini – think artistically, creatively !  Personally there must be something to re-purpose in your surrounds, and globally practically every corner has something that could use a good metamorphosis, yes ?  Let’s brainstorm solutions and fix things !

Moon Dance

The Full Moon in Cap will be activating my 5th and 11th solar houses, and it seems I am going to involve others in inventing creative solutions re: USE of STUFF. 

Full Moon will bring information in your house of Capricorn, from the opposite house of Cancer (home) this will be a reveal, about work or public persona.  Look for what house your Capricorn falls on, and see what that house rules, that will likely be the nature of your news.   Moon will pass over Pluto before Full, so feelings may hit a speed bump, desires may spike for good or ill – fair warning – breathe deep, clearly and calmly communicate your intent and keep moving the energies along.

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto will be the focal point of one T-square with Mars and Uranus.  Uranus will be the focal point of the other T-square with The Full Moon conjunct Pluto, and Sun.

In a nutshell : that’s power, feelings, surprise, and revelation – so pack your zen, just in case.

Of course see the houses of Scorpio and Pisces for your opportunities arising.

Look to the houses of Virgo and Taurus for your benefits  and energies you can more easily draw upon to relieve the squares.