Pictured below is Nostradamus, and his natal chart.  He was famous for writing over 900 rhymed quatrains (four-lined poems) filled with hidden prophecies that predicted the future for 10 centuries.  He lived during the Renaissance and was astrologer to royalty and nobles in Salon.  Nostradamus is a 9 life path; a humanitarian.  He was also a herbalist, healer, physician and linguist.

His bio:  http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nostradamus%2C_Michel_de

When learning astrology, this chart struck me because of the obvious water trines.  Water houses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are the intuitive, psychic houses; they delve deep, are mysterious.

Moon in Scorpio gives depth of feeling and a keen, penetrating insight into the mysteries of life and death; as well as a tendency to keep true feelings under wraps.

Uranus, the planet that will not take the bit is somewhat quieted in the 12th house of Pisces.  It is quietly, secretly, rebellious – hiding prophetic messages within secret texts, for instance.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (the communicator), and is an intuitive planet working in a mystical house.
Jupiter (generosity, philosophy) is exalted in nurturing Cancer; conjunct an angle- making it even more powerful.  Saturn and Mars are both uncomfortable in Cancer, but I feel they give a steady anchor to home and roots so that when the waves of visions may come, the seer is not adrift.

Sun in Capricorn (honors, fame, time) conjunct Mercury (writing) with Neptune (mysticism) all in the tenth house of ‘how the world sees you’ shows the prophetic legacy Nostradamus left the world.

4 thoughts on “Far-Sighted

  1. What an amazing chart.
    I thinks its interesting that his mercury was retrograde too. What do you think about the houses being in the natural house positions?
    Also I noticed that Pisces is intercepted in the 12th with Aquarius on the cusp, whats your take on that?
    Would love to hear your thoughts?

  2. This chart is a WoWser isn’t it !? BAM ! *Water trines*
    I definately feel the energies of the natal houses in their natural position on the wheel indicates – all sytems go – firing on all cylinders ~> As far as the interception, his Uranus is so well aspected, the energies are flowing well from the 11th/12th. Neptune has a bit of trouble with the oppositions, but any contact is an activation of the energies. Neptune also has the Quintile to Asc. He was widely known as a healer and visonary while he was alive, and even more so now. Mercury retrograde may indicate his wordplay and use of different languages and syntax to hide prophecies. Mercury the trickster at work !

  3. Ah yes, I agree with your comments on Mercury that fits really well. Charts like this really validates the science of astrology. His charts reflects his life perfectly.

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