‘may be’ erratic

Caption for this photo:
Bob Knight throws a chair to protest officiating at a
basketball game against Purdue University in Bloomington on 2/23/85. The
incident was part of a tirade which earned Knight three successive technical
fouls and expulsion from the game. (AP Photo)

There is another pic I won’t post of Knight grabbing player Neil Reed’s throat.  In the same article, reports of Knight choking and punching sports information director, Kit Klingelhofer, in the 1970’s over a news release that upset the coach.

Whoa.  Mercury (communication) in Scorpio (intense power) conjunct ASC (1st house is your style) opposition rebellious Uranus in the 7th (relationships with others).  Jupiter (wants to expand) tightly conjunct Saturn (wants to constrict) in the sign of the bull.   Not to mention some serious squares to Moon (emotions) and Mars quincunx (stressful adjustment) Saturn /Jupiter and semi-square (friction) that radical Uranus.   eep.
I’ll be at home watching from the couch, thanks.

Virgo in the 10th (career) and hey, let’s face it…Virgos are perfectionists.

Legendary coach…here’s the wiki blurb:
Among his greatest achievements are multiple NCAA and NIT championships, but he has had international success as well. In 1979, he took the U.S. Pan American team to a gold medal in Puerto Rico. Knight is known for an almost uncanny ability to extract the full potential from his players, and he is proud of their high graduation rate. He is his own man, with high principles, expectations and demands. Not afraid of controversy, he often uses profanity to make his point and exercises an impressive temper. He has a great ability to teach young men both the game of basketball and the game of life, and in May 1991, he was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

3 thoughts on “‘may be’ erratic

  1. yeah, I’m commenting on my own post… (what the heck- get the ball rollin’)

    As with all charts, the more I look, the more insights come. I posted my first impressions on this chart, then upon reflection, the phrase ‘tough love’
    came to me. Those bull-headed Toro planets are trine Neptune / Venus conjunction in the career 10th. Venus , (love, also rules teams) and its higher octave Neptune, (spiritual love, inspiration) are the proof positive that this guy LOVED his career, and the kids on his TEAM…the Virgo precision paramount to the success of the unit.

  2. Being an Aussie I dont know who this coach,but seeing he has the Sun and his AC both in Scorpio I would say he is a passionate and intense kinda guy.

  3. Hi Susan ! Welcome~ Yes, you are right ! Bobby Knight is very passionate about basketball…in his heyday I’d wager nearly as many bets were placed on what the coach would do- as how the game would go.

    Case in point, when I googled images for this post, every picture on the page was of him screaming- he’s known for his passion for the game- just watch out for flying objects… 🙂

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