floatation spacestation O&O

Friday July 13, 4:49am CST, USA
Uranus stations Rx : 8 degrees Aries 

Saturday July 14, 9:16pm, CST , USA
Mercury stations Rx 12 degrees Leo (see below)

Thursday December 13, 6:02am

Uranus stations direct : 4 degrees Aries
 (while in trine to Venus conj NNode in Scorp – that should be interesting)

Uranus in flux is good for giving stuck situations a ZAP  of rapid fire energy.
 This means situations / relationships on the ledge may be getting a shove off the cliff.
You can always count on surprises with Uranus – it is the snap from one polarity to another in a heartbeat.

Check your house of Aries for incoming power, check your Capricorn and Cancer houses for incoming internal struggles.  Check your house of Libra for those people and situations you will be compromising with.

Uranus in flux while in trine to Mercury in Leo and in opposition with Mars in Libra – both square Pluto in Capricorn : be creative with love and money morphing.   Chance of tossing out a verbal zinger, so let Venus conjunct Jupiter have the Gemini thought reins before the fire in your communication octaves urges you to say something you regret.

Rethink your energies and how you use them.  Hone your intuition, be quietly innovative in your Aries house.  Soon Saturn will be in Scorpio and energies will be focused and intense.   Zoom in on your psychic energy and your perceptions of your person – crank up your protective skins and skills.  Uranus & Mercury shifting will bring the goods !  Thoughts become things…

Today I stumbled upon a Tanran Reiki page and it is a fascinating read  about the energetic relationships between people.  The dynamics of resting within romantic relationships and each other – fabulous.  Take the time, it’s insightful.

I know with Sun conjunct Uranus I need to pass the hot potato of power back and forth with my partner – not at all interested in someone running my show 24/7.  Also not interested in dealing with those who walk around thinking they know everything, give me a break.

For instance, I recently showed my neighbor all the catnip showing up in my front yard.  He says: ” I don’t think it’s catnip.”  GM: Pretty sure it’s catnip, I looked it up.  Neighbor: I know catnip when I see it – it is definitely mint, but I don’t think it’s catnip.  GM: I’m pretty sure it’s catnip.   
Just then my genius girl cat saunters up and starts gnawing on it with a few extra licks for dramatic effect.  lol.  He says, “Well, maybe it is catnip.’ 
[ya think ?!  sheesh.]

Saturday July 14, 9:16pm, CST , USA
Mercury stations Rx 12 degrees Leo

Wednesday August 8, 12:40am, CST, USA
Mercury stations direct 1 degree Leo

At this point both octaves of communication will be in flux and headed for re-assess, revision, re-invention and repair mode.
Look out for genius ideas coming in from all over the energetic grid – particularly creative ideas as both planets are in FIRE !

peace, happy floating
O & O


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