Game of Moans

Kit Harington

Lovely man, yes ?
I got a call from my sci-fi buddy –
Come over
watch more Game of Thrones !
Obviously my buddy is made of awesome.

Turned me onto Firefly, Serenity too.
bringing the righteous smack
sci-fi sword and scruff
AaaMen !


On to Kit…
Sun tightly conjunct Neptune in Capricorn
 both sextile Pluto in Scorpio

His gaze is so intense, inscrutable.
 Fame on film with long term staying power.

Mercury tightly conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius.
(Saturn also in Sag, not conjunct)

Teacher vibe, loves to learn, explore
likely has some far-out ideas.

Venus and Pluto in Scorpio
Mars conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

Big career on film ahead
plenty of mutable energy for malleable personas

fixed Scorp Venus and Pluto
determination to delve deep
to express his art
Lots of water, fire and earth
no wonder I like
Sun conj my ASC, Venus conj my Neptuner

O & O

a smile for the road