Quickie reading using Shadowscapes Tarot – illustrations by Stephanie Pui Mun-Law.
 Intention being clarity for all my readers re: recent retrogrades.
 Keep in mind retrogrades are internal insights.

Uranus in Aries on the left: positive sparks; passionate eureka brainwaves
Mercury in Leo on the right: tranquil inspirations; creative mental pathways empowered
Spirit card is 4 swords (not pictured) indicates mental meditations as both octaves of communication turn inward.
I can’t leave without mentioning Stephanie’s zodiac illustrations

Here is her gorgeous Aries image…

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I’ll pop in a pic of my personal requested card image.
My one word cue: vibrations
Stephanie drew this for me…

I love it !
Is very Scorp Neptune in 11th, yes ?
peace + positive rx everyone

Amazing, yeah !

Saturn incense is smoking up the room, candles are lit, music playing.
This one goes out to those with Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Aries; North Node of destiny in Aries.

According to the books, Saturn in Aries falls, pessimistic bastards may as well say fails.  They say the default setting of Saturn is to restrict, to limit, basically to stop. Saturn is terra firma and crystallization.  Eh, they’re half right.

When Saturn is in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, the planet of getting things done, kicking your life into gear seems damn near impossible some days.  Stubborn jackass Saturn is diggin’ in for the long haul no matter how hard Mars pulls at the reins.  You may be awhile, pack a lunch.

Saturn rules time – it is the planet of testing, perfecting, concentration and discipline.  It is justice, thrift and preservation, and patience.

Mars needs running, fighting, blowing stuff up and is impulse on fire NOW !

Saturn Rx in Aries is restriction, testing and perfection turned inward on the self.   It turns the extroverted Mars power into introverted power, anger and aggression. 
It becomes a driving need to JUST DO IT perfectly.
The first time – no waiting !

Retrograde Saturn serves to temper action, perfect and streamline it.  When Saturn governs the self will, Mars is practiced, perfected, and efficient before its action will be allowed to manifest outward.  Saturn is where you perfect the house energies; Saturn Rx is where you perfect the house energies to the point of over compensation.

Saturnian self-doubt and insecurity can slow the energies of planets it contacts, or the house in which it is placed.  Although, it is often where you are extremely capable, insanely talented and precise yet remain unaware of it.

I was surprised to hear Thom at the end of this video asking for validation, let’s face it- he’s a musical genius.  We both have Aries Saturn Rx, so I get it, the need for validation, for outside opinion.  Perfectionism is also running high in his chart with a Virgo stellium: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto.   Yeah, check. Get that too. 

North Node of Destiny in Aries indicates a person who will create a life path of developing self awareness, independence and leadership.
It is a path of making decisions, taking control and blazing new trails.

Happy Birthday Thom !
You are amazingly talented with the voice of an angel…I am under your spell.
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 Shamanic drumming allows us to weave sacred magic through conscious dreaming with the rhythm present in our breath, heartbeat and the Earth itself.

 Drumming results in an alpha state; (relaxation, super learning, light trance) it is the resonating power of vibration through sound which brings an altered state of consciousness / contemplation / connection with All That Is; the I AM.

Aries is Cardinal Fire !  Aries motto is I AM.
Aries is ruled by Mars.  Mars rules Drums !

Rhythm can be used to find your ‘center’, to become more grounded, calm and aware of the connections between all life forms.  Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and brings the vibratory levels of the physical and spiritual bodies to a state of balance.

Research has demonstrated that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the two cerebral hemispheres. When the logical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere begin to pulsate in harmony, the inner guidance of intuitive knowing can then flow unimpeded into conscious awareness.

Winkelman, Michael, Shamanism: The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing
For a detailed report on the physical benefits of drumming, go

get yer groove on~

Call of Spirit

This week I grabbed the memoir of Ashley Judd from the library shelf, “All That Is Bitter & Sweet”.  Only having read as far as the forward and prologue, I knew I had to look up her natal chart.  Her compassion for others and her desire to end suffering washing over me with every word I read.

Here is an excerpt from the prologue: [She writes of a Forcibly Displaced Persons Camp in the Democratic Republic of the Congo September, 2010.]  “Once again, I am staggered and humbled by the human capacity for suffering, resilience, and compassion that I experience in this hellhole, and all the other hellholes I have visited in the past seven years.  I thank Muntuzu Angel for our time together.  She whispers, while I am still holding her child, that I am a woman just like her, that I am no different.  We both cry, something transcendent passing between us.  I tell her that I will never forget her, and I will tell her story.”  Population Services International:

Ok girl, wow ! ~Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, North Node and Chiron all in Aries ! 
She’s a bit of a little firecracker, no wonder she was a cheerleader for the Wildcats, still shows up for games and sits with the students- lotsa school spirit & pride !  What I really love to see is her obvious thirst for knowledge with her Sun (spirit), Mercury (mind), and Mars (action), in the 9th of higher learning.  Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all trine Jupiter (expansion) from Leo (ruler of the heart) to the 9th of university studies (‘Leo’ school ‘pride’).  Venus (love) is conjunct Saturn (concentration) in the 8th house of transformation via deep research.
So there is an obvious love of study and expanding the horizons as well as travel (9th is the natural house of Sagittarius-loves new frontiers).
What gives her soul (Moon) happiness is not the Hollyweird ego (square Sun) but instead, helping others (Aquarius is the humanitarian; Moon the public).  Ashley has Aquarius Moon trine Uranus (reformers) and Pluto (universal welfare) in the sign of Virgo (those who serve others) in the 2nd house of self-worth.  These reformers (Uranus and Pluto) are also trine Mars (where she places her energy) at the midheaven which is her peak of achievements.  With Chiron in the 8th house, she heals her personal wound by bringing help to the unseen victims of abuse worldwide.  The need to mother the world is also seen by Cancer on the 11th house of social consciousness.
Ashley is a life path 11, a master number indicating a person who is dedicated to a life of service to others, which is also seen by her most aspected planets, Jupiter (generosity) and Neptune (healing, compassion).
Her bio:
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Triple Capricorn

James Earl Jones, the multi- talented actor/speaker with the amazing voice is a triple Cap (Sun, Moon ASC all in Capricorn)  Saturn, his chart ruler [which… hee hee Star Wars fans… is the father  in the natal chart] is in the first house sandwiched between the Luminaries. (Sun and Moon)
Ahem–> all of the above conjunct Mercury (speech) trine Neptune (films).  Hello ! !
One of the most famous lines in the history of cinema ! 

The amazing thing is Mr. Jones overcame a debilitating childhood stutter to become a speaker renowned for his deep resounding voice and precise diction. For ten years he rarely spoke because of his stutter.  Reciting poems; then later an interest in theater and film became the creative vehicles to improving his speech.  Amazing !

Uranus is not only an unpredictable focal point of a massive T-square; it is also the higher octave of Mercury and part of a courageous Fire Trine which includes Mars (action) and Venus (art, vocalists).  North Node (purpose in life) is to get some Aries ram energy behind that 3rd house of speech communication.  Very cool !  Mr. Jones is a life path number 5, here to experience changes and challenges.
He has certainly risen to the occasion ~

Show ’em how it’s done Capricorn !
Right On !

May the Force be with You