King of Wands

Sun entered Sagittarius November 22.

Charming, impulsive travellers with a love for learning and adventure, Sagittarians are blunt, and can usually be found regaling the entire room at he party with hilarious bawdy jokes.  Sagittarians are optimistic, freedom-loving, and more fun than a barrelful of monkeys !   In relationships they need a friend and a mate – you have to be a buddy or it won’t fly.

They tend to be philosophical and extremely open-minded, love different cultures, probably dig national geographic, camping, going on tour at the drop of a hat, and the open road forever calls to them.  Happy-go-lucky Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so they have a way of getting out of tough spots with a Cheshire grin and a ‘c’mon baby, loosen up’  vibe.

Where you find Jupiter in your chart is where you are given a blessing of sorts, a cosmic good luck clover, a dash of hope and a wink from the gods/goddess.  Jupiter is the greater fortune, the beneficial planet in your natal, whatever it aspects has a blessing, and expands (for good or ill).


When my friend Donnaleigh de LaRose asked the question, “Which tarot card says ‘trouble’ to you ?”  I didn’t hesitate even one second.  King of Wands.
The gals on facebook thought it was funny I answered so quick – true story, though…that fiesty fiery King speaks of all my Sagittarians in one. card.

Ahhh… but I love the Centaurian archers.
I have dated more of them than any other sign.
Now I know why, since I learned astrology.


I have Mars (desire) in Sagittarius, Venus (love) conjunct Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) and a 9th house (natural house of Sagittarius) stellium.
We are magnetized ~ my Sag Mars (steel) in the 11th quintile Uranus (magnetics) in the 9th.
They are the vortex !

My former husband (Super Sag with 4 planet stellium) had Jupiter smack on my Saturn and I really loved him, had a crush on him in high school, we’re still good friends.  We travelled all over the country to hear music and have fun.  His Jupiter really greased the wheels on my Saturn, we had some really great times.

I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I said to a Sagittarius, “I can’t believe you just said that !”
God they are hilarious though – I just shake my head and laugh…

One Sag ex boyfriend accidentally set my hair on fire in college, then started singing the Doors lyric, “I see your hair is burning, burning like a fire”.  Stinker.

My first Sag boyfriend I don’t remember being very funny, he mostly just showed up for sex, then left.  (That is low Sag- but it suits some of the Sagittarian men I have spent time with.  They also had the added bonus quality of feeling free to  s t r e t c h  the truth when it suited them.)

Note : I know there are truthful Sagittarians on the planet , I just haven’t dated them.  yet.

They funniest Sag line lately was during a feng shui lecture about lucky double ducks or whatever in the bedroom.  “…sure is awful bossy about what goes in my bedroom – I’m gonna ask where I should put the camera! ” ~  HA  !
omg !  you are soOo not !
Like I said, hilarious.

Cheers Sagittarius !
You’re a blast and I love yas ~

adaptation, improvisation

Tonight’s fortune cookies are spot – on !

Sun, (coming up to exact conjunction with ) Saturn conjunct Mercury in the last degree of Libra which is conjunct Venus in Scorpio.  Mercury in the last degrees can be the overflowing cup of communication, so be mindful of your thoughts and speech.
Restriction and what others are doing is on the mind and in the heart now.  Keep the faith and stay positive, define your goals.

This stellium of energies is in opposition to the energies of Moon which just entered Taurus and is approaching Jupiter. Moon opposition will pass quickly, while the Mercury and Venus opposition to Jupiter will last longer.
The combined energies of the stellium and Moon/Jupiter are both square Pluto.   Steady as she goes~

Adaptation, improvisation. – Morphius

Disseminating Toro moon spreads seeds of knowledge gained at the full moon.  Toro moon is patient, steady and likes peaceful surroundings.  Enjoy the break before it lands in restless Gemini…


Making Waves

We have a lovely Pisces (Neptune rules) Moon (feelings, public) conjunct chiron (healer) and Neptune (oceans).
Moon and Neptune both trine (harmony) Mercury (messenger of the gods) and Venus (love).
Neptune (oceans) trine Saturn (conservation).

I was cruising Radiohead info and found this great site Project Oceans.

I love it that Radiohead is so incredibly environmentally active – refusing to jet across the globe to play in a television studio – they dial it in – pointedly explaining why to do otherwise is ludicrous.
oh yeah baby I dig you.  My Saturn has a crush on your Saturn. 

Obviously, I’m not done talking about how great Thom Yorke (click here for more Thom) is, so pull up a seat Radioheads..!
Thom has Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio.  Intense and powerfully perceptive, he is able to read the collective pulse (Mercury, Neptune, Venus in Scorp) of unconscious human need (Mercury opp Moon) and forge (Pluto rules Scorp) new tools for building a more environmentally (Saturn conjunct Moon) sound future for us all.

That Virgo stellium is a powerhouse !
Virgos appreciate life in all its forms.  They see the web of life, the sacred patterns present from the micro to the macro scale.  They are earthy healers here to serve and protect.

Thom has Virgo Mars (desires, action), Jupiter (hope, philosophy) conjunct Pluto (the big game-changer, regeneration) and Uranus (the wild and free).  He is progressive and pioneering, a leader in the environmental movement from a musicians standpoint.  The band has taken solid steps to cut the amount of carbon emissions they produce during touring, as well as backing ecowatch groups and artists programs raising awareness on global warming.

Thom has Libra Sun (balance) opposite Aries Moon which is conjunct Saturn (Earth).  Moon and Saturn have a Mars flavor which brings a militant attitude toward finding balance with the public (Moon) and Earth (Saturn).

Libra Sun opposite Aries Moon conjunct Saturn – all are in Cardinal signs – they are initiating plans of action and making waves.

Thom is a number 5 life path, and has a 5 Sun.
5= Change, flux and adjustment
His Moon is 7 = Divine order, the mystical, a turning point.
Sevens are the triumph of spirit over matter.

Spirit (Sun) in the sign of balance (Libra) using art and music (Venus rules) to shine a reflection toward the masses (Moon) of what humankind is unconsciously doing to our (Mother, Moon) planet (Saturn, Earth).

I’m glad you were born to spin around on the planet with us, thank you.


Call of Spirit

This week I grabbed the memoir of Ashley Judd from the library shelf, “All That Is Bitter & Sweet”.  Only having read as far as the forward and prologue, I knew I had to look up her natal chart.  Her compassion for others and her desire to end suffering washing over me with every word I read.

Here is an excerpt from the prologue: [She writes of a Forcibly Displaced Persons Camp in the Democratic Republic of the Congo September, 2010.]  “Once again, I am staggered and humbled by the human capacity for suffering, resilience, and compassion that I experience in this hellhole, and all the other hellholes I have visited in the past seven years.  I thank Muntuzu Angel for our time together.  She whispers, while I am still holding her child, that I am a woman just like her, that I am no different.  We both cry, something transcendent passing between us.  I tell her that I will never forget her, and I will tell her story.”  Population Services International:

Ok girl, wow ! ~Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, North Node and Chiron all in Aries ! 
She’s a bit of a little firecracker, no wonder she was a cheerleader for the Wildcats, still shows up for games and sits with the students- lotsa school spirit & pride !  What I really love to see is her obvious thirst for knowledge with her Sun (spirit), Mercury (mind), and Mars (action), in the 9th of higher learning.  Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all trine Jupiter (expansion) from Leo (ruler of the heart) to the 9th of university studies (‘Leo’ school ‘pride’).  Venus (love) is conjunct Saturn (concentration) in the 8th house of transformation via deep research.
So there is an obvious love of study and expanding the horizons as well as travel (9th is the natural house of Sagittarius-loves new frontiers).
What gives her soul (Moon) happiness is not the Hollyweird ego (square Sun) but instead, helping others (Aquarius is the humanitarian; Moon the public).  Ashley has Aquarius Moon trine Uranus (reformers) and Pluto (universal welfare) in the sign of Virgo (those who serve others) in the 2nd house of self-worth.  These reformers (Uranus and Pluto) are also trine Mars (where she places her energy) at the midheaven which is her peak of achievements.  With Chiron in the 8th house, she heals her personal wound by bringing help to the unseen victims of abuse worldwide.  The need to mother the world is also seen by Cancer on the 11th house of social consciousness.
Ashley is a life path 11, a master number indicating a person who is dedicated to a life of service to others, which is also seen by her most aspected planets, Jupiter (generosity) and Neptune (healing, compassion).
Her bio:
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