adaptation, improvisation

Tonight’s fortune cookies are spot – on !

Sun, (coming up to exact conjunction with ) Saturn conjunct Mercury in the last degree of Libra which is conjunct Venus in Scorpio.  Mercury in the last degrees can be the overflowing cup of communication, so be mindful of your thoughts and speech.
Restriction and what others are doing is on the mind and in the heart now.  Keep the faith and stay positive, define your goals.

This stellium of energies is in opposition to the energies of Moon which just entered Taurus and is approaching Jupiter. Moon opposition will pass quickly, while the Mercury and Venus opposition to Jupiter will last longer.
The combined energies of the stellium and Moon/Jupiter are both square Pluto.   Steady as she goes~

Adaptation, improvisation. – Morphius

Disseminating Toro moon spreads seeds of knowledge gained at the full moon.  Toro moon is patient, steady and likes peaceful surroundings.  Enjoy the break before it lands in restless Gemini…


all hands on decks

Love alert code red
Venus trine Neptune  !
Relationship House (Libra) is flush with planets !

Hands UP, who has a tarot card callus ?!  lol.

It is a good time to get some focus re: feelings/perceptions : Moon is Quintile Mercury (better hurry, these 2 move fast)
Love matters coming to a head, changing ?
The time is ripe: Venus is Quintile both Mars and Pluto, but be careful (Mars square Jupiter) and cautious of what you do.
Is the relationship built to last ? Mars in (generous Leo), is Quintile Saturn (fair, kind and exalted in Libra).
Inspiration strikes, insights are forthcoming – keep the faith: Jupiter Quintile Neptune in Aquarius.
Inspiration and idealism meets with moulding reality into form: Saturn trine Neptune.