all hands on decks

Love alert code red
Venus trine Neptune  !
Relationship House (Libra) is flush with planets !

Hands UP, who has a tarot card callus ?!  lol.

It is a good time to get some focus re: feelings/perceptions : Moon is Quintile Mercury (better hurry, these 2 move fast)
Love matters coming to a head, changing ?
The time is ripe: Venus is Quintile both Mars and Pluto, but be careful (Mars square Jupiter) and cautious of what you do.
Is the relationship built to last ? Mars in (generous Leo), is Quintile Saturn (fair, kind and exalted in Libra).
Inspiration strikes, insights are forthcoming – keep the faith: Jupiter Quintile Neptune in Aquarius.
Inspiration and idealism meets with moulding reality into form: Saturn trine Neptune.