King of Wands

Sun entered Sagittarius November 22.

Charming, impulsive travellers with a love for learning and adventure, Sagittarians are blunt, and can usually be found regaling the entire room at he party with hilarious bawdy jokes.  Sagittarians are optimistic, freedom-loving, and more fun than a barrelful of monkeys !   In relationships they need a friend and a mate – you have to be a buddy or it won’t fly.

They tend to be philosophical and extremely open-minded, love different cultures, probably dig national geographic, camping, going on tour at the drop of a hat, and the open road forever calls to them.  Happy-go-lucky Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so they have a way of getting out of tough spots with a Cheshire grin and a ‘c’mon baby, loosen up’  vibe.

Where you find Jupiter in your chart is where you are given a blessing of sorts, a cosmic good luck clover, a dash of hope and a wink from the gods/goddess.  Jupiter is the greater fortune, the beneficial planet in your natal, whatever it aspects has a blessing, and expands (for good or ill).


When my friend Donnaleigh de LaRose asked the question, “Which tarot card says ‘trouble’ to you ?”  I didn’t hesitate even one second.  King of Wands.
The gals on facebook thought it was funny I answered so quick – true story, though…that fiesty fiery King speaks of all my Sagittarians in one. card.

Ahhh… but I love the Centaurian archers.
I have dated more of them than any other sign.
Now I know why, since I learned astrology.


I have Mars (desire) in Sagittarius, Venus (love) conjunct Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) and a 9th house (natural house of Sagittarius) stellium.
We are magnetized ~ my Sag Mars (steel) in the 11th quintile Uranus (magnetics) in the 9th.
They are the vortex !

My former husband (Super Sag with 4 planet stellium) had Jupiter smack on my Saturn and I really loved him, had a crush on him in high school, we’re still good friends.  We travelled all over the country to hear music and have fun.  His Jupiter really greased the wheels on my Saturn, we had some really great times.

I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I said to a Sagittarius, “I can’t believe you just said that !”
God they are hilarious though – I just shake my head and laugh…

One Sag ex boyfriend accidentally set my hair on fire in college, then started singing the Doors lyric, “I see your hair is burning, burning like a fire”.  Stinker.

My first Sag boyfriend I don’t remember being very funny, he mostly just showed up for sex, then left.  (That is low Sag- but it suits some of the Sagittarian men I have spent time with.  They also had the added bonus quality of feeling free to  s t r e t c h  the truth when it suited them.)

Note : I know there are truthful Sagittarians on the planet , I just haven’t dated them.  yet.

They funniest Sag line lately was during a feng shui lecture about lucky double ducks or whatever in the bedroom.  “…sure is awful bossy about what goes in my bedroom – I’m gonna ask where I should put the camera! ” ~  HA  !
omg !  you are soOo not !
Like I said, hilarious.

Cheers Sagittarius !
You’re a blast and I love yas ~


Fluorite is a cubic, octahedral stone that is fluorescent, or glows under UV light.  The origin of the name is Latin, meaning to flow.
It is a stone that enhances mental clarity and provides a clear, clean energy.  It is good for increasing memory, concentration and enhances decision-making.  Note that it has a cubic habit, which is the power of 4 – structure, stability and manifestation.

This stone can help give form to scattered thoughts and energies, and bring your goals into focus.   It increases the flow of energy between brain hemispheres allowing the intuitive (right) and logical reasoning (left) halves to work in unison.  By making the mental path clear, fluorite aids in making a solid plan of action in order to reach your goals step by step.


In the natural chart 3rd house is Gemini, ruled by Mercury, motto: I THINK.  It is communication in all forms, lower mind, early education, study habits, how you learn, writing and short distance travel.

Sagittarius is 9th house, ruled by Jupiter, motto: I SEE.  It is higher mind, teaching, universities, philosophy, ethics, morals, beliefs, religion and long distance travel.

Neptune rules the 12th house of Pisces, the hidden, fog, delusion and illusion, mysticism, secrets and sacrifice.  The house in your natal chart where Neptune lives will be a place of spirituality, mysticism and perhaps some form of sacrifice or suffering in your life.

If you have an active Neptune in your natal chart, meaning is it contacting by conjunction, opposition or square another planet, you can not only expect some foggy nebulous action concerning the planets/houses involved, but also inspirational downloads from the cosmos and the collective.

If you have Neptune aspecting a natal planet by transit via conjunction opposition or square, expect the same.

If you are having Neptune trouble, may as well fortify yourself with some stable, earthy fluorite energy to help dissipate the fog, clear the air and put all that inspirational, visionary thinking to practical use.


The fulcrum

There is in each of us an ancient force that takes and an ancient force that gives. A man finds little difficulty facing that place within himself where the taking force dwells, but it’s almost impossible for him to see into the giving force without changing into something other than man. For a woman, the situation is reversed … The greatest peril to the Giver is the force that takes. The greatest peril to the Taker is the force that gives. It’s as easy to be overwhelmed by giving as by taking … I’m at the fulcrum … I cannot give without taking and I cannot take without giving…

Great line spoken by Paul Atreides, the Kwisatz Haderach from my favorite novel, Dune.

Tonight Saturn is my fulcrum….and so is Neptune.
I am a Capricorn rising.  My chart ruler, Saturn rules my first house (where Mars is natural ruler).   Saturn is placed in Aries (which Mars rules) and is trine Mars in my 11th (natural house of Aquarius) and on the cusp of my 12th house sign, Sagittarius.

Neptune is also very strong in my chart, as are Uranus and Pluto.
I love science-fiction (Uranus rules science; Neptune, fiction) and anything dealing with time travel (Saturn rules time).
My Mars has excellent archer aim and tonight I was using it for long-distance healing.
Healers are ruled by Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Virgos and the sixth house. 

Tonight, I have my magnetite close and know the moon is growing very close to full, so a good time to put forth strong healing intentions.
Blessed be to all my lovely readers~