least resistance

Osho Zen Tarot

One card draw: Question ?  How for all of us to best work with energies in the coming year for the most benevolent outcome.   Spirit card at the bottom of the deck what is going on underneath it all.

Both cards are Majors = Powerful !

XVIII Past Lives:
How apt !  Neptune enters Pisces, 1:04 pm CST today !
Shape of an hourglass, an awareness of time passing and our place in the infinite.  Lizards (dragons) it is the year of Water Dragon, the Zen Dragon, emotions brought to the fore, dealing with the cosmic connections and the source.  The ALL ONE.

Lizards shed their skin, some of them use camouflage to avert danger, they are indicative of renewal, vision, enlightenment, and rebirth.  The card represents the yin energy, the cosmic mother, the hands represent knowing (conscious) and unknowing (subconscious) recognize the circles and cycles in your life.  Also in alchemy, lizard renews and revitalizes his inner vision through staring at the sun.  Find and keep your center, your courage, and your heart in the face of changes.

XVI Thunderbolt :
Also apt !  Uranus (rules lightning) in Aries square Pluto – two radical awakeners in friction.  Inner earthquakes, major transitions are happening inner AND outer.  Micro & Macro.  Say yes to the process.  The only constant is change.


Uranus rules lightning and lightning follows the path of least resistance to the Earth.

Change is always around and within us, but be aware – June and September – is the Uranus square Pluto hotzone, your house of Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) will be feeling the major renovations.

Your house of Aries will be giving you the unexpected as well, think on your feet is the best advice here, because Uranus is unpredictable.

Look to your house of Capricorn to see where and what and how you will be unearthing.
Also look to your natal Pluto, and where it lives for clues.  Do the same for Uranus and Aries.

It won’t be easy, but after the thunderbolts and storm clear, the atmosphere is flooded with negative ions that make us feel better !


4 thoughts on “least resistance

  1. these cards are most apt.
    well, they dont give the clarity i crave but they do feel spot on.
    my house of capricorn is my 3rd, ruled by sag. cap starts at 5′ and ends around 29′.
    its my understanding that 3rd rules immediate neighborhood and siblings, all communications and short-distance travel. you know, its hard for me to merge a picture of sag and cap energies in a single house; they are quite different to my mind. i can ‘see’ both energies at work individually in retrospect and now but i cant see how the combo major renovations will take shape though they are definitely on the way.
    uranus is still 1′ inside my 5th and of course, i am quite comfy with my 6th. whatever happens here, i will probably go along well with.
    natal pluto is at 18′ virgo, 11th, and at 20′ sits uranus. aries rules houses 6 & 7. i can easily see the aries in the 6th/11th houses. this is me. but in the 7th, i can only assume that is my 1st projecting rather than my 1st ‘owning’ that energy.
    i am just a student at all this! it can drive me crazy but i also love it. i just have to plod along feeling thick and slow which i have decided is because my merc is in the 12th. lol i am STILL sitting with your hemispheres posting from time to time because i am sure i am not ‘done’ with it yet. i like to really soak in stuff that resonates even if i dont know why it does…must be *something* there.
    as for this issue, i will go with the ‘have faith’ slogan, though i feel i have been most patient for a very long time. and, i do think things happen when they ‘should’. xxx

    • Hi Mary Beth,
      Glad you liked the Hemispheres post, lovely poem isn’t it ? Fabulous ending…warm fuzzy visuals, making friends with the planets ~ very cosmic. xo
      Now to your questions
      The 3rd is also How you think, How you learn, study habits that sort of thing. With your Virgo Sun/Ura/Pluto in the 11th (natural house of Aquarius) it makes sense you are very much into learning astrology right now as Uranus has moved into your research and metaphysics sector. Pluto will be activating your romance, creativity, hobbies sector, things you find enjoyable, how you spend your leisure time. Neptune is activating your relationship sector, you are seeking spiritual balance and harmony within yourself and also with others.

      With Libra rising and Aries on 7th, imagine the Venus and Mars enrgies holding hands across the axis, adding flavor to each others houses. Your Mars is in Leo, yes ? Creative and friendly, strong placement for generosity of spirit. Don’t think you’ve mentioned your Venus.

      I identify with Cap rising far more than any Cancer stuff on 7. I’m a lone wolf type, certainly don’t want someone up my nostil 24/7. My moon in 4 makes my home my castle or cave ?! haha depends on how you look at it (my Moon trines Pluto) – No lace or girly frills anywhere, very Sag/Scorp and Nat’l Geographic. Speaking of which I just got a doco to watch: Masai- The Rain Warriors. Fictional story but Masai tribe throughout. Odd, I just looked on youtube, and the males find a mate through being the highest jumper at the dance. hmmm… similar to the guy in the other video on here The Great Bell Chant. Off to look~

      • good morning
        yes, that hemispheres poem speaks to me so clearly as a validation of my practice over the last year of taking on the mindset and ‘spiritual practice’ in everyday life of pisces which is right across the wheel from virgo. wow, what an experience. and this, too, has helped me in my general grasp of astrology: to see the wheel in terms of 1, 7; 2, 8; etc. this is BRILLIANT stuff!
        All the hemispheres in heaven
        Are sitting around a fire
        While stitching themselves together
        Into the Great Circle inside of
        i take these last lines, again as validation, that though it doesnt look like it, all the persons and circumstances that must all synchronise for my own path to unfold are truly in the works (they have always been so) and the timing is, to some degree, not to be my concern. my transits will give me a (slow lol) understanding of how to work with the energies and if i screw up (or if someone else isnt in awareness mode), opportunity will, indeed, present itself again via some other channel.
        got to show the muse you are serious and keep showing up! xxx
        p.s. you have email

      • Morning ! Yes~ the Universe has excellent timing ~
        I loved finding out (through learning astrology) that by following my heart I had ended up working in an environment that completely suits my natal chart. So yes, I was finding my way, but learning astrology gave me insight into how I feel and why I feel certain ways, my likes and things I won’t tolerate. Now I know why I dated primarily Sagittarians. Learning astrology gives me insight on so many things, and continues to do so…I love it !
        I can’t help but think how helpful it would be for parents to know to help guide their childeren to their natural talents. For instance, my Mom enrolled my sister in dance when she was young. She hated it – was totally not her thing, which is evident by her chart. My sister made such a fuss, Mom didn’t even try to enroll me in classes, and I was the one who would have liked it. (Neptune rules dance)
        I’m glad I could help make the houses make sense for you. Enjoy your day Mary Beth ~

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