I Aear cân ven na mar.

The Houses of Healing.

The Grace of the Valar
Breath of Life

Immen dúath caeda
Shadow lies between us

Sui tollech, tami gwannathach omen
as you came, so you shall leave from us

Lû ah alagos gwinnatha bain
time and storm shall scatter all things

Boe naer gwannathach, annant uich ben-estel
Sorrowing you must go, and yet you are not without hope

An uich gwennen na ringyrn e-mbar han
For you are not bound to the circles of this world.

Uich gwennen na ‘wanath ah na dhín.
You are not bound to loss and silence.

Boe naid bain gwannathar
All things must pass away

Boe cuil ban firitha.
All life is doomed to fade…
Arwen’s Song, sung by Liv Tyler

Welcome to the House of Healing, Neptune is in Pisces

ohm mani padme hum

8 thoughts on “home.

      • came here to say that you must be up very late or got up very early…but now i see the poem! i only had the title and the picture in my inbox. hmmm. now my comment seems a bit trite; this poem is quite deep. but it doesnt change the ‘feel good’ factor, so All Good!
        off to check my chart against your last post. x

      • Oh, yeah, that’s right… it * wasn’t there in the e-mail. I edited it in later, was just too good not to have in the post. I just finshed watching the extended versions again, Elves and Aragorn healing Eowyn seemed fabulously Neptunian ~
        Weird, Neptune has me sappy – I cried at bits I normally don’t – and didn’t at the ones I normally do. haha Yes up late editing and organizing, but off to bed now, work in the am at the day job.
        Enjoy your day and thanks for dropping in…
        Sunshine yet ? Curious. nite ~

      • yesterday was very bright and today looks to be the same. the air is cold. i think we have a high pressure system for a little while. i can deal with this. just light the fire a little later in the day…:)

      • Glad you finally got some sunshine !
        Rain and mist all day… echoed my thoughts.
        My natal moon is in 4, pinging off Neptune and Pluto.
        Transiting Moon opposite Pluto today, and it was nice having a cleansing rain. Colorado got 16 + ? inches of snow so the mt. peeps are packing on the muscles. While we have hardly had any snow at all this year.

  1. you wrote: I just finshed watching the extended versions again, Elves and Aragorn healing Eowyn seemed fabulously Neptunian ~
    and i am drawing a blank. (more thickness lol) is this lord of the rings?

    • Yes, Return of the King – after the Battle of Pelennor Fields at Minas Tirith.
      The scenes above are only found on the extended versions of the DVDs.

      I post excessively about sci-fi / fantasy. Expect lots of Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, and even more Middle Earth – there is a great map (on the main page right margin) of Middle Earth for those who are interested.

      Do you like sci-fi ?
      With Sun conjunct Uranus + Neptune on 11th, I can’t help but love it…

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