goofy goaty goats

WheeeEeee !
Okay, how cute is this goat ?

Today’s tribute to the mystical seaGOATS
is for
national hangover day
Mercury Pluto Sun in Capricorn.

This Cap rising spent NYE dry as a bone.
Still have a headache though : Saturn Rx in the Head (Aries).
I get them all the time.
If you get migranes, check this herb, it may help.

Love to see the goaty goats do their thang.
Comes naturally, the climbing, the rising, the fancy footwork.

Check this one.
Monkey does not look to be enjoying the ride much.

Such a disservice to say Capricorns are slow, stodgy, or cold.
My used to be mentor was overly fond of the phrase ‘cold, cold, Capricorn’.

Somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut.
Surprise !
Miracles DO happen. lol.

Saturn restricts my 3rd house comms for the most part.

Unless trine to Sag Mars gets fired up.
Fire triggers quintile to Uranus in Virgo 9 . . .

You get where I’m going with this.
Sagittarius : self-righteous indignation is us.
Ah well, nobody’s perfect.
Workin’ on it !

According to legend,
Kaldi was the Ethiopian goatherder who discovered the coffee plant.
Goats would chew the berries then go cRaZy JuMpiNg.

Kaldi ate them too, got a rush
– you guessed it –
soon everyone wanted jumping berries.

As you swill your brew on hangover morn,
thank a Capricorn.

Coffee was born via a
goofy goaty goat
somewhere in Ethiopia.

MoOovin’ on UP !