the whistle pig

A groundhog crossed my path on my way home today…

Just before I began, finally – at long last, to dig my garden …. !
Spirit message incoming ~

Groundhog medicine is getting in tune with the earth, alleyways to the subconscious and insight into the workings and pathways of the underworld.

Groundhog represents being open to the paths of dreamtime explorations and altered states of consciousness.  This is often the totem of shamans and mystics.

Lessons regarding death & rebirth, entering into the subconscious underworld without harm, as well as boundary controls are delivered by groundhog.  (They hibernate below the freeze line in a special ‘winter dugout’.)

Groundhog also brings choice and inventive problem-solving for their burrows usually have two to five entrances.  Gemini anyone .. ?  Witty ways out !

Woodchuck stems from an Algonquian name for the animal, wuchak.
 Ned Ryerson + the Whistling Belly Button trick, lol.
Now  I get it.   The whistling bit,  that is.

how much wood ?

4 thoughts on “the whistle pig

  1. Exactlly what ours looks like.. My subconious is telling me that he is smarter than what we think because he has figured out how to get the cabbage and not get caught. Not bothering me but he would much rather be out in the woods.

  2. Ahhh thank you, more grist for my underground collection. And there are Gemini choices involved, wonderful! I know this Gemini is collecting so many stories of the underground, I may need a few exits.

    • Indeed !
      I welcome this pause.
      Sleepless due to recent transits.
      I will write of eclipse tomorrow, tonight I watch moving pictures. Shiny !

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