Cubed Mars, trined.

My Yucca coming into bloom ! 
SoOo excited !
Yucca are found in hot, dry, arid regions of North, Central, South Americas and the Caribbean.  They are sometimes called ‘ghosts of the graveyard’ as the flowers look like floating apparitions.

The strong leaf fibers are used for cordage, rope, basket weaving, as well as to puncture meat to hang for curing and drying.  The leaves make excellent friction-fire spindles.  The roots can be used to make soap by removing the brown bark, pulverizing the white root, and adding water; or they can also be cleaned and boiled and mashed like potatoes.

Yucca leaves can be burned to ash then added to bread flour to make blue bread.  The yucca root and leaves have steroidal saponins which are used for inflammation, pain relieving for arthritic and joint pain. It is also good for blood purifying and cleaning of the kidneys and liver. (1st herbshop, 1999). Many herbalists and healers used the yucca plant by boiling the roots for about half an hour and drinking it as tea.  (source, click)

Spiritual properties
Yucca (Y. filamentosa) – Transforms Anger

This plant, solitary in nature, assists one in working out issues on one’s own. When there is a tendency to get stuck in anger or isolation, Yucca can bring greater insight into ways of interacting with others more appropriately. The ability to release anger is brought about by understanding the purpose of anger, working with its transforming
possibilities, and shifting it into an energy of enthusiasm and creativity. With Yucca, there can also be improved communication with other life forms, guides, and helpers.
(source: click)

I have harvested my Yucca, and returned to include some information on Tiger Eye which I infused into the elixir.

Tiger Eye is hexagonal (trigonal) and corresponds with the Manipura, or 3rd chakra, the solar plexus or seat of energy, vitality and will power.  Tiger Eye encourages balance between extremes, fairness and practicality.  It allows the wearer to remain calm, grounded and centered.  Tiger eye grounds the solar will into the physical earth and enhances the unity of ONE behind polarities and opposites.

The universe always knows.

Just recently I was listening to Shamanic Astrologer Caroline Casey speak of Stephen Bruhner (book here) and the use of invasive species of plants that heal health issues that are common in the area they are found.  How cool that nature pops up with what we need in our own backyard.  (My yucca is not invasive, I planted it.)

I currently have trans. Mars square Mars.

In addition to Mars up my nostril, trans. Venus square Virgo stellium, Uranus conjunct Saturn Rx ruler, trans. Pluto square Saturn – backing off at the mo- , trans. Sun Jupiter conj square Venus Jupiter conj in Leo, trans. Saturn on Merc MC.
…You could call me irritable, but it would be wise to duck afterwards, lol. 
Fair warning. !

So a Marsy remedy pops right up to help, awesome.  This plant does not bloom every year either.  In fact, I was quite put out when I looked recently and it wasn’t blooming, so I squealed when I saw it this afternoon.

Happily, though I have a new essence / elixir to concoct soon, and will be looking for the perfect gemstone to include in the essence.  YaY !

So Mars square (trans. 9th Virgo square to 11th in Sag my 12th house sign) Mars is diverted to healing, thereby trined.
Mischief managed !

blessed be~