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Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Libra Venus on North Node of Destiny with Sun and Mercury Rx deliver signposts into your future.  Opportunities abound to carve out your creative niche with plenty of guts & power to back it up via the Grand Fire Trine.  Love, money, messages are incoming with a plethora of Libra opposite Uranus and Venus on North Node – listen UP.

Mercury in reassess, revise, reintegrate mode in the house of harmonious partnerships redefines finesse inwardly.  Mercury Rx in Libra signals abundant navel gazing (Venus rules both Libra, navels) which will birth new growth outwardly when Mercury stations direct on the 25.  Clarity increases as Mercury moves out of shadow November 10.

Note Leo Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) calls forth vision in the work, faith in the work, working even though the weather does not permit full visibility.  Power forward, quietly keeping your personal momentum – for creativity is on tap.  Saturn restricts, limits and seeks depth in Scorpio while Jupiter in Leo wants largess and a boatload of fun.  Find your balance while managing both.

I thought I had posted this before, but evidently the timing wasn’t right until now.  I found the image above and thought of my crystal Fulgurite (sometimes Fulganite).  I have only blown it twice; once was today, seemed appropriate.

FulguriteIt’s a roughly 1 3/4″ (4 cm) long piece of fused silica (sand) formed into a natural glass tube by lightning strike.  The temperature at exact strike has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The tubes are formed from the melted sand down the middle which vaporizes at electric strike.  Mine is from Egypt, long story.

This is obviously a storm manifestation stone which delivers lightning fast kundalini awakenings, purification and creative acceleration.  Fulgurite shifts physical energies into a higher frequency/vibration.  It enhances intuition and clears the path to divine purpose by clearing or attracting the energies needed for spiritual progress.

Fulgurite 2This is also a stone of spirit (latin: spiritus; Greek: pneuma; Sanskrit, prana) or breath.  It enhances communications with higher realms via the breath when blowing through the bones of the electric tube.

Fulgurite is ritually used to ‘blow away’ troubles, cloud-bust or rain-make, call higher beings or purpose, as well as assist healing diseases of the nose, ear and throat.
Vibrates to the numbers 4 and 6 (source: Melody)

Think of these communications as throwing Thor’s Hammer – they will be coming back, so be wise, prudent with what you are attracting.  Power over yourself shall prove you worthy.  [see Thor 1 if you get tangled up on that last bit.]
Interesting as I write this asteroid Wodan 2155 is conjunct Moon at 12 Cancer; asteroid Odin 3989 is at 23 Leo trine Mars.
More Norse, Odin stones (another natural stone) here.

I left the weirdest until last…beloved Uranus and the bolt from the blue, the Freak Flag waving proudly in the thunderstorm.  I love it. 

With an elixir of Fulgurite we find more focused thoughts, assimilation of vitamins A & C, and a strengthening of the thymus, tendons and neurological tissues.
In Lemuria* fulgurite and quartz were used to divide the human race into two genders.
* Continent of practical earthy peoples; foil to the more intellectual Atlantis.
Fulgurite is androgynous.  (Gurudas)

Interesting as Mercury is androgynous – picking up the energies of whatever sign it happens to land in or whatever planet it is near.  Mercury Rx is a detached perspective particularly in Libra – while closing the opposition to its higher octave, Uranus, it calls us into intellectual awareness/balance between self/humanity.
Rethinking the I Am – We Are in order to balance both.

Jolly good insight approaches.

Gneiss Moon

Better than Anyone



In the garden of gentle sanity may you be bombarded by the coconuts of wakefulness. Chogam Trumpa

Aries Uranus conjunct South Node by 4 degrees.
This is a whiz-bang
 Ganesh aspect that blasts a firebreaker under ye olde crunky habits and faulty mindsets.

We are being set FREE from our past and habitual ways of being and relating all over the globe.  North Node is in Libra forming alliances while Uranus Rx (works internally) conjunct South Node (past habits, familiarity) is working a treat re-inventing the channel & flow of the gates between departures and arrivals.  Which talents to keep, which habits to release becomes abundantly clear under these skies.

This brilliantly supports the Uranus Pluto squares we are undergoing, more about them here.  (Note: links are embedded within that post as well.)  Globally, we are getting a cosmic chiropractic altitude adjustment.  Bones of the power structure are being broken and reset.
Ideas born in the late 60’s Virgo conjunction are now (via square aka intense friction) being tested: is there improvement ?  is it practical ?  does it serve well and efficiently ?
These squares are paying particular attention to setting mistakes to rights – personally and globally.  Look to your houses of Aries and Capricorn for your specific upgrades.

Sun trine Pluto (strong today, fading after) supports strong regenerative force working behind your spiritual quest on this planet. (Fast moving Moon conjuncts Pluto separates in roughly 5 hours – accentuating emotional purging.)

Mercury in Libra supports by genius compare & contrast.
By this I mean compare your present work with your former work and see the contrast, not compare your work against the work of others.  Use your own work as your personal gage.  You know your best work by the way it feels to you.
Follow your heart, your higher self – your talents, your gifts are your destiny and yours alone.  You know them better than anyone. 


benevolent elephant

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha postcard flung itself off the wall again today

I found it just as
Moon went into Aries

La Luna is waxing
coming to conjunct Uranus

Emotional mail on the way

pop-cork comms on the menu
* bubbly fizzy *
emotional surprises, new friendships
in houses Gemini / Aquarius

Gemini and Sagittarius
are areas of internal tune UP and growth

Mutable metamorph energies are amped up
Gem and Pisces strong
bob and weave
keep thoughts hi qi

Pisces Mars conjunct Mercury, trine Scorp Saturn
sextile Pluto
mail regarding work, men, time, status
transformation is to be gained
in houses
Scorpio & Capricorn

adaptation ::: improvisation

l e t    g o
your feet will lead you
where your heart wants to go

Pisces is healing, spiritual and hi qi inspiration
music art film

g o   w i t h   y o u r   f l o w

The Remover

Ganesha postcard flung itself off my wall this am.
Some obstacles have been removed, have no idea what though.
Two in particular I am hoping for…

Ganesha is Uranian, removes the obstacles
Uranus stations direct in 10 days …

Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles (Vighnesha (Sanskrit: विघ्नेश; IAST: Vighneśa), Vighneshvara (Sanskrit: विघ्नेश्वर; IAST: Vighneśvara), patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. wiki



One card spot tarot for my readers
highest good of all

Garden grows ~ Money flows

I pitched in a bonus cookie

oooh !
*Ganesha was on the floor this morning*
the remover of obstacles

and every time that happens
mischief managed.

good day all