Do or Die

Moon CapTarot of the Origins

Moon In Capricorn (Animal of Blood)
Hunter and prey. 
Do or die.  Following instincts.  Survival.

Merc NN
Mercury on North Node in Libra (Magician)
Shamanic wisdom meets the power of confident change. 

Spiritual intelligence coupled with mental agility.  
Knowledge of worlds – weaving the path of the present between past and future.



balance_is_everythingAndrew Wilson

North Node of Destiny in Venus-ruled Libra until November of 2015.

Previous transits were in 1959, 1978, and 1997, take a look back to see what you were doing/learning/ balancing during those years.

Traits for all to cultivate during this Destiny transit  :
self-sacrifice, putting others first sometimes
playing well with others
working as a team
co-operation and compromises
awareness of consequences before actions
creating alliances
sharing & caring
fair play
middle path
truth, justice
grow sensitive towards others viewpoints
evolve into love


balance & force

Yoda Abby DiamondAbby Diamond

North Node of Destiny in Libra aka BALANCE to the Cardinal FORCE of intellectual relationships. 

Venusian matters – love, money, art, partnerships are driven to grow via communications of all kinds, including thinking and re-thinking and attracting more knowledge on which to judge any and all situations.

Scales will swing from who I AM to what WE ARE during this transit.
Use what you feel to find balance between the two – push the daisies UP

Accept many Aries (South Node, past) actions are to be released – some retained as well – while we find balance.
For lush beneficial growth, actively seek co-operation and diplomacy.
Seek harmony with others as well as parts within that have fragmented from the whole.

The above is true for all – personal relevance is further fueled & funneled by your house of Libra.