Better than Anyone



In the garden of gentle sanity may you be bombarded by the coconuts of wakefulness. Chogam Trumpa

Aries Uranus conjunct South Node by 4 degrees.
This is a whiz-bang
 Ganesh aspect that blasts a firebreaker under ye olde crunky habits and faulty mindsets.

We are being set FREE from our past and habitual ways of being and relating all over the globe.  North Node is in Libra forming alliances while Uranus Rx (works internally) conjunct South Node (past habits, familiarity) is working a treat re-inventing the channel & flow of the gates between departures and arrivals.  Which talents to keep, which habits to release becomes abundantly clear under these skies.

This brilliantly supports the Uranus Pluto squares we are undergoing, more about them here.  (Note: links are embedded within that post as well.)  Globally, we are getting a cosmic chiropractic altitude adjustment.  Bones of the power structure are being broken and reset.
Ideas born in the late 60’s Virgo conjunction are now (via square aka intense friction) being tested: is there improvement ?  is it practical ?  does it serve well and efficiently ?
These squares are paying particular attention to setting mistakes to rights – personally and globally.  Look to your houses of Aries and Capricorn for your specific upgrades.

Sun trine Pluto (strong today, fading after) supports strong regenerative force working behind your spiritual quest on this planet. (Fast moving Moon conjuncts Pluto separates in roughly 5 hours – accentuating emotional purging.)

Mercury in Libra supports by genius compare & contrast.
By this I mean compare your present work with your former work and see the contrast, not compare your work against the work of others.  Use your own work as your personal gage.  You know your best work by the way it feels to you.
Follow your heart, your higher self – your talents, your gifts are your destiny and yours alone.  You know them better than anyone.