benevolent elephant

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha postcard flung itself off the wall again today

I found it just as
Moon went into Aries

La Luna is waxing
coming to conjunct Uranus

Emotional mail on the way

pop-cork comms on the menu
* bubbly fizzy *
emotional surprises, new friendships
in houses Gemini / Aquarius

Gemini and Sagittarius
are areas of internal tune UP and growth

Mutable metamorph energies are amped up
Gem and Pisces strong
bob and weave
keep thoughts hi qi

Pisces Mars conjunct Mercury, trine Scorp Saturn
sextile Pluto
mail regarding work, men, time, status
transformation is to be gained
in houses
Scorpio & Capricorn

adaptation ::: improvisation

l e t    g o
your feet will lead you
where your heart wants to go

Pisces is healing, spiritual and hi qi inspiration
music art film

g o   w i t h   y o u r   f l o w

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