Earth Birth

Lovely Earth Vibe today
Grand Earth Trine formed by :

Moon in Virgo
Pluto Rx in Cap
 Mars, Sun, Venus conjunction in Toro

I have Moon in Toro 4
Gardening !

Grounding, centering, peace of mind,
Venusian things are in full swings

Moon in Virgo square Gemini brings
communication clearings
Thinking and talking, writing all move ahead smoothly 

Saturn Rx 8 in Scorpio
is opposite Toro Venus
(triple power: Mars 0, Sun 1, Venus 8 in Toro)
as opposite ends of this kite

Friendly, loving culling of past gunk
peace of mind via healing
as Neptune sextiles Mars and Sun

Communications are swift
deliciously healing
Saturn Rx and Moon quincunx
octaves of communication
in Aries

Powering a change in attitude
adaptations improvisations
prominently felt in houses
Virgo, Scorpio, Aries.

Moon moves to oppose Chiron before
sextiling North Node of Destiny
Clear your head
Clear your feelings

heal the wound
CREATE your emotional future

Virgo rules pets, fyi.
Of course when I was out goofing around…

my personal PI’s were right up in my game.

I swear, nothing gets by these two. 
Nobody gets in to see the wizard unless you have kitty cat clout.
Nobody !


Now I am off to mow the yard.
Gets me all Marsy meditative and the ideas flow…

Good day, more this evening

2 thoughts on “Earth Birth

    • Some spiffy benefics coming your way, writing will get a Marsy charge too, cool !
      LoOove the Toro vibe, work feels like relaxing . . .diggin’ the work pleasure vibe.
      Cheers, Ace !

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