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Three degrees out on Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

Quick question before work to apply to everyone re: what hidden insights re: this aspect will help us reach our collective highest manifestations.

Strength of God is evident in the artistic representation of Archangel Gabriel.  Saint Gabriel who rules Moon (currently in Virgo), is the patron saint of messengers and all communications workers.  Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel interpret dreams, and is often associated with blowing the horn of judgement.

Gabriel is pictured with a white lily which represents Mary receiving the news of her  blessed pregnancy.  S/he delivers sacred texts, is associated with making seemingly simple messages drop onto our path at the precisely right time resulting in profound perspective shifts.

This is the final marriage of the two trees of life – good & evil, knowledge of both; the wedding of soul & body; time and eternity. Gabriel harmonizes opposites, integrates spirit with manifestation, delivers divine gifts.

This card also exemplifies freedom of spirit consciousness; the heights of sexual flame (genie lamp) known as the little death, heavenly ecstasy on earth.  Divine messages in tandem with working heart, mind and soul results in humanity skillfully executing physical manifestation of higher realms of spirit consciousness here on Earth.

Note Chiron is closely tied to the hero’s journey because he trained heroes.
Everyone is the star of their own Monomyth.  I love the hero’s revelatory journey.
We each have several in one lifetime running concurrently.  Where are You ?
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In closing, find your balance between your wound and your healing.
Go on your own s/hero’s journey whatever that means to you.
Merge opposites.

Write, communicate, watch and listen closely, speak your mind with a loving heart.
Note your dreams and visions.
Childbirth.  Orgasm.
See what is right in front of you with new eyes. 
Experience profound shifts in perspective.

Follow your Bliss.
See Joseph Campbell’s interp here.

Gneiss Moon



Pulled a quick card (see twitter feed) for incoming Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (exact on the 8th) at 15 degrees. Chariot – moving through opposing forces – was apt in more ways than one.

Venus moves to meet Chiron and Mars.
They are within 3 degrees of separation on the 14th (USA) – though they will not reach exact until the hop into Aries at 1 degree on the 21st.

As always, note the energetic event that accompanies the heavenly shift occurs before the energies are exact.  If you are a sensitive with these planets active in your natal, you will likely be feeling it 7-5 degrees out.

Venus conjunct Chiron = wound & healing re: love, security, money/trades, inclusiveness, compassion and the knowledge of karma that accompanies all choices.  It represents the learning that springs from wise understanding of both.  Lower and higher octaves of love/art (Venus in Pisces, Neptune also in sign) helps smooth this transit via higher vibration.  Keep in mind during this transit that emotional compassion and/or pain is wisely used to:
1 help yourself
2 help others

Know what you want, where you are going, how to get there.
Have faith in your future, just keep walking, swimming – whatever !
Head ’em up and move ’em out !

Venus conjunct Mars on the 21st also brings Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, a visceral shedding of the old emotional baggage while shoring up paths into new horizons via trines to Jupiter Rx in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Take projects in small bites, larger steps, until you are flat out running with it.
Power IS operating – change is imminent.
Venus in Pisces encourages us to be kind, fair and just…with others as well as ourselves.


the arms of the universe

Edmund Dulac

Venus will float into Pisces on Saturday 1.14.2012 at 1:47 am, CST, USA.

She will linger in Pisces until February 8th (when she will enter Aries) in the sign of her exaltation.
Venus is love, art, and the spending and earning of money.
Neptune, which rules Pisces, is the higher octave Venus. While in Pisces, Venus will be at flying high – emotionally receptive, giving and passionately inspired.

Venus is coming to conjunct Chiron, express love in order to heal ~ extend this gift not only to others, but also to yourself.

Re-affirm your unique qualities that add to the collective all one.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Feel the dynamic spirit of life coursing through your veins with each heartbeat.

Venus is now in the decan of Venus in the last degrees of Aquarius, have you been expressing love to your tribe ?

Signs are 30 degrees, divided into 3 decantes of ten.
The decan is an added flavor the planet steeps in on those degrees.

Upon entering Pisces she will be in the decan of Neptune (0-10 degrees), then Moon (10-20), then Mars (20-30).
Expect during the Neptune decan mystical love crushes (beer goggles ?!) or fantastical art urges, the need to sing and create. During the Moon decan expect even more emotional receptivity and fluctuation, during the Mars decan – action, maybe some aggression regarding love, money and wine, women and song.

Venus is feminine and magnetic, she represents what we attract in the natal chart.
She graces your Pisces house with beauty, charm, friends, and good luck.

Think of Willie Nelson…everybody loves Willie, he’s a good guy, fabulous talent, hard-worker, helps others.
He is a Taurus Venus in 10 conjunct Sun in 9 with Midheaven dovetailing between the two (all happening within 4 degrees in Taurus).  When the government repossessed Willie’s stuff for tax evasion, his fans showed up to the auction in droves – bought it, and handed it right back to him.  That’s Venus attracting love and kindness.  Taurus motto is I have  and Willie has friends – and lots of them.

Above all, while in Pisces, Venus will restore the emotional and spiritual balance.

Go with her flow … sneak off to your secret hiding place, get cozy with a book, rest easy in the arms of the universe.
Find the wonder and peace in the infinite cosmos that surrounds you.