Weaving Worlds

imageMary-El Tarot

Three degrees out on Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces.

Quick question before work to apply to everyone re: what hidden insights re: this aspect will help us reach our collective highest manifestations.

Strength of God is evident in the artistic representation of Archangel Gabriel.  Saint Gabriel who rules Moon (currently in Virgo), is the patron saint of messengers and all communications workers.  Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel interpret dreams, and is often associated with blowing the horn of judgement.

Gabriel is pictured with a white lily which represents Mary receiving the news of her  blessed pregnancy.  S/he delivers sacred texts, is associated with making seemingly simple messages drop onto our path at the precisely right time resulting in profound perspective shifts.

This is the final marriage of the two trees of life – good & evil, knowledge of both; the wedding of soul & body; time and eternity. Gabriel harmonizes opposites, integrates spirit with manifestation, delivers divine gifts.

This card also exemplifies freedom of spirit consciousness; the heights of sexual flame (genie lamp) known as the little death, heavenly ecstasy on earth.  Divine messages in tandem with working heart, mind and soul results in humanity skillfully executing physical manifestation of higher realms of spirit consciousness here on Earth.

Note Chiron is closely tied to the hero’s journey because he trained heroes.
Everyone is the star of their own Monomyth.  I love the hero’s revelatory journey.
We each have several in one lifetime running concurrently.  Where are You ?
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In closing, find your balance between your wound and your healing.
Go on your own s/hero’s journey whatever that means to you.
Merge opposites.

Write, communicate, watch and listen closely, speak your mind with a loving heart.
Note your dreams and visions.
Childbirth.  Orgasm.
See what is right in front of you with new eyes. 
Experience profound shifts in perspective.

Follow your Bliss.
See Joseph Campbell’s interp here.

Gneiss Moon