Pulled a quick card (see twitter feed) for incoming Pisces Venus conjunct Chiron (exact on the 8th) at 15 degrees. Chariot – moving through opposing forces – was apt in more ways than one.

Venus moves to meet Chiron and Mars.
They are within 3 degrees of separation on the 14th (USA) – though they will not reach exact until the hop into Aries at 1 degree on the 21st.

As always, note the energetic event that accompanies the heavenly shift occurs before the energies are exact.  If you are a sensitive with these planets active in your natal, you will likely be feeling it 7-5 degrees out.

Venus conjunct Chiron = wound & healing re: love, security, money/trades, inclusiveness, compassion and the knowledge of karma that accompanies all choices.  It represents the learning that springs from wise understanding of both.  Lower and higher octaves of love/art (Venus in Pisces, Neptune also in sign) helps smooth this transit via higher vibration.  Keep in mind during this transit that emotional compassion and/or pain is wisely used to:
1 help yourself
2 help others

Know what you want, where you are going, how to get there.
Have faith in your future, just keep walking, swimming – whatever !
Head ’em up and move ’em out !

Venus conjunct Mars on the 21st also brings Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, a visceral shedding of the old emotional baggage while shoring up paths into new horizons via trines to Jupiter Rx in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Take projects in small bites, larger steps, until you are flat out running with it.
Power IS operating – change is imminent.
Venus in Pisces encourages us to be kind, fair and just…with others as well as ourselves.