Peaceful Perceptions

shadow and lightRather interesting Gemini communication lunation with Mars in Libra, eh ?
I have many things on my plate including a very busy day job, so keeping it to the point.

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December 17
Full Moon Gemini 25 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center] 3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries 11:40pm

See what part of your chart Gemini/Sagittarius axis lands on.

Mine, 6th/12th (natural 3rd/9th) so neighbors (Gemini) have been stepping up to the plate lending me a hand – ironically both were named Greg.  I took a drift to avoid a wreck on the way to work, so while digging myself out, Jupiter trine Saturn (luck/men) showed up (transit my Cancer 7th/Scorp 10th, respectively) and yet another Greg offered me help.

Doubles, twos, twins are likely showing up for you as well if you pay attention.

Galactic Center is conjunct Sun in Sagittarius – opposite Gemini Full Moon.
Conscious/subconscious Micro/Macro perspective shifts incoming !

Uranus direct enhances perception connections – forces all things houses Aries & Capricorn into obstacle course mode.  Inner tension revolving around work, authority, shared/personal power – action plans re: same.

Paradise MC EscherParadise, MC Escher

Love, money peace of mind and balance of all get the squeeze with Venus quincunx Moon – adaptation, improvisation – re: feelings, home, what you hold close, sacred and protect.  Follow your gut instincts here.
Balance achieved through honest communications, altitude adjustments.

Mars quincunx Neptune – actions expressed are subtle yet intense, sensual and spiritual, lovingly cutting to the chase.

Asteroid Odin conjunct Chiron – perspectives from/of the world tree, wounding that delivers global insight, healing and spiritual intelligence: culmination that arrives in nines

Quintiles (spiritual gifts, genius expressions) at Full Lunation I found interesting:
Keep in mind all enhance communications, both home & global.
Juggling between THINKING and SEEING aka perceptions.

Sun Q Chiron – healing of the spirit, awareness of wounds how to soothe them
Mercury Q Neptune – (Mercury rules Gem Moon) keen intuition, prophetic healing
Galactic Center Q Chiron – philosophical shifts re: micro/macro healing, All One
Sun Q Odin – sacrifice leading to complete shift in perception – answers revealed


cosmic words



Words are like days:
coloring books or pickpockets,
signposts or scratching posts,
fakirs over hot coals.

Certain words must be earned
just as emotions are suffered
before they can be uttered
– clean as a kept promise. 

Words as witnesses
testifying their truths
squalid or rarefied
inevitable, irrefutable.

But, words must not carry
more than they can
it’s not good for their backs
or their reputations.

For, whether they dance alone
or with an invisible partner,
every word is a cosmos
dissolving the inarticulate

 Yahia Lababidi

Kind thanks, deep bow to
Perceval Press

Happy Full Moon in Gemini
Uranus Direct
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Communication Lunation

photo 7Tarot of the Origins

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 23 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center]
3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries

3 T-Squares
1 Mars
2 Uranus
3 Pluto as focal points – internal stress points

Cards above read Left to Right – intent for clarity and direction
1 – 2
3 – (spirit)

1 – Mars 4 Libra: Environment of the Soul (Sun and Moon involvement) 
Lightning in the atmo & a shaman to bear witness.  Fruitful meditations.  Love overflowing.

2 – Uranus direct 8 Aries: Environment of Nature (Jupiter and Pluto involvement)
Earth support on rainy days.  Advancing into the wild unknown with solemn courage.

3 – Pluto 10 Capricorn: Age of Nature (Mars and Uranus involvement)
A child with an Odin, a natural stone of protection and luck.  A happy development.

Spirit – Stone of the Soul: Shaman magick in a circle of dolmen.  Truth surrounds Us.

More on this Gemini Full Moon, Uranus direct etc… later ! (Lunch over)
Lots of good aspects hopping on board at this Communication Lunation !


slightest thoughts

Each mental act opens up a new dimension of actuality.
In a manner of speaking your slightest thought gives birth to worlds.

– Seth, Session 565

Sun is in Sagittarius WoOoHoOo just in time for the party crasher season.
Flashback to husband with Neptune in first – this actually happened a lot when I was with him… hosts: ‘you do look kind of familiar’, then hubbies 2nd house Sag stellium charm would kick in and he’d shine it on and slide into home plate

The house of Sagittarius will be getting a dose of fresh sunlight and positive energy – and man, does my Sag Mars (trines Saturn) need it !

Fire signs under duress, here comes the SUN with a tidy trine to lend a hand. 

Pisces and Virgos have some work to do via square and of course Gemini is opposite and hopping with an eclipse on the way, and Mercury (its ruler) ready to station direct.
Opportunities lie in the houses of Libra and Aquarius during this transit of the Sun.

Venus is in Scorpio trine Neptune, coming up to conjunct Saturn.

Water signs feel the good Venusian vibes by trine, Toros gets love, money and value tests via intensity delivered by others (coming from the Scorp house) and your love, creativity and money opportunities lie in the houses of Virgo and Capricorn.
Mars is nearing Capricorn Pluto, is great for plowing forward (except for the techie snafus of Merc Rx, that is) in goals with lots of work and long hours.  If you are doing emotional clearing, whammo !  It’s working a charm at the mo with Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception – Pluto heaves it, Saturn leans and cleans it, streamlined.

Mars and Pluto side by side is one heck of a lot of power. 
High qi Pluto turns it inward, rather than try to control others – it regenerates within.
Hi qi Mars is outward bound yet – judicious with the blade.
Use the force wisely.

 Good lucks all around, to all of us moving forward with fresh eyes…
This Eclipse in Gemini is sure to usher in new perceptions….
Also a quick heads up to what is nearing in sky transits…

Monday November 26
4:48pm CST, USA
Mercury stations direct

Wednesday November 28
8:33am CST, USA
Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Gemini 6′ 40 degrees

More on that to come, need some time off to juice and sleep.
Peace out

The whole thing about expansion of consciousness, is its nice to trip through the stars, but what it really comes down to is coming back to earth and how you then treat other people and make life better for other people around you..

The real work is smoothing it all out and making other people happy any way you can… This is the work that we all have to do…    -Ken Babbs, The Merry Pranksters