A+ extra credit, nomba one

Centaur Hunters

Rough lunation, full moon will square my natal Sagittarius Mars  – checked my progressed too.  Ouch. Not even going there.  fun times, ugh.

Moon is conjunct Chiron, so this post must be written. 
Chiron was a centaur by the way.  A horse, of course. lol
Chiron is known as the wounded healer; herbalist, philosopher, teacher.

I was thinking earlier, while going all Ed Scissorhands on my 7 something foot hedge, that this has been the year of Martians – particularly angular Mars peeps.  (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house are the angular houses.)  I’ve been gaining championship gymnastic status trying to please this bunch I tell ya.  My most recent run-in had me positively fuming with the  ” you’ll have to . . .blahblahblah ”  business while I was doing something out of kindness for free.   I am generally slow to rile, but this one had a hotline on my red phone – rrrrg.
I don’t have  to do anything.

We all know what that means . . . yes ? 
When game changers step up to the plate ?

Hey batterbatterSWINGbatter – they are gonna line drive the energy we have been avoiding, misunderstanding, misusing, misinterpreting, malfunctioning – right back into our faces.

Guilty as charged.

You read above I have Sagittarius Mars (it trines my chart ruler).  I have a 9th house stellium (natural Sag house) and my Venus is conjunct Jupiter (rules Sag) and my Mercury sextiles Jupiter from the 9th.  The only thing in my chart not getting a direct Sag hit is Moon and it still trines my 9th house stellium through transference of light through Pluto.

You need to know this about Sagittarius, and I am getting it / learning it about myself – even now – after all my life of running with Sagittarians.

We are blunt.

There.  I said it.
Went and lumped myself in with the sign I have sworn off dating for life.
Ye gads what irony. 

Why am I telling you this . . . ?

Do you want the truth ?

Then I am going to give it to you.  

I do not intend to come off mean, crass or cruel – but because I love you, I will give it to you straight, no chaser.   I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass – I find it insulting when others do that to me.  ( I am perfectly aware of false flattery while someone is trying to shove a shiv in my back.  I’ve got stealth in the 12th baby, not gonna happen. )

I will not lie to you.

I will not hold back from giving you all the knowledge I can.

I will try everything I can to help you SEE  what is troubling, blinding or confounding you – because I want to help you.

…because I want to heal you…


4 thoughts on “A+ extra credit, nomba one

  1. Ha ha! Yep that is Sag! My arch nemesis and with Jupiter conjunct my ascendant, Saturn in Sag opposite my ninth house Sun and Venus I have to accept some responsibility for the mirror. 😦

    • Yeah, me too.
      I am not easy, I know this, {see Uranus/ Pluto categories} but I am worth it. I’ve been worrying my words hurt someone I care for. I would truly rather hurt myself than hurt him. I was born with this compulsion to learn & teach, I was born with a disseminating moon – I have to do this – it is my destiny. I am sorry if it tumbles out wrong. Partially my Mars quintile Uranus too – oddball surprise blurts from the house of Mercury. Please forgive, I am working on it. Promise.

      • My reticent Virgo ascendant and my balsamic moon tends to have me writing to a future. I just trust the hundredth monkey will kick in. I think a disseminating moon would be a joy.

      • The deep well of psyche composing and compiling time capsule contents.
        I like x

        I see my moon as a Vegas blackjack dealer.
        ZipZipZip (pause for play) ZipZipZip (more cards) ZipZipZip

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