nitty gritty trench wench

Tonight’s lovely MoOon rising at the end of my street, as I turned home.

Virgo Moon peeps are diligent hard-working folks.  Due to the influence of Mercury, they have a tendency to be high-strung; sorting, planning, organizing, cleaning and busy work tends to calm them.  They are led by a strong desire to serve others, they feel a responsibility towards health and welfare of others.  If you are sick and Virgo  hasn’t heard from you in a timely manner, they will be calling to check on you – ready to fetch groceries, meds, make soup, you name it.

They are practical, down to earth and ready to lend a hand if needed.  In fact, Virgo moon people need to feel needed, which is a direct result of being service driven.  (Virgo rules civil servants, nurses, nuns.)  They are excellent at anticipating the needs of others – Mercury sees the info exuded, sorts the facts, gets right to the nitty gritty working for the desired outcome.

They are quick-thinkers that want progress on the material plane, they are reality-driven, more so than emotionally driven – Moon in Virgo means feelings are analyzed – improved, then released.  They want to be appreciated for their mental faculties far over and above looks and status.

Worry, nitpicking, lack of self-confidence, not to mention a changeability that is part and parcel of Mercurial thinking can be downfalls for Virgo Moons.  They need to beware of overly critical thinking, over thinking – period.  If Virgo Moon can let go of eternal vigilance on details, relax and go with the flow. . . .seeing the big picture can be quite liberating.

Virgo Moons practice practical magick through housewitchery – cleaning the corners, fluffing the linens, organizing and scrubbing the environs – ending with a dash of wildflowers on the table afterwards.  Quietly ambitious, they accomplish much without fanfare – they work well with others or alone (mutable).  They are health conscious, conservative, quiet, reserved, humble, reliable. 

blessed be