Deep Sea Venus

Venus in Pisces people believe wholeheartedly in the power of love, they are the compassionate love sponges of the zodiac.  Venus is exalted in Pisces, her engine positively puuurrrs in the sign of divine love.  The higher octave of Venus (cultivated artist) is Neptune (inspired artist) which rules Pisces, making this Venus placement particularly good for creative artists of all kinds.

Pisces Venus is kind, loving, empathetic, charitable, forgiving and intuitive.  Daydreams, deep sleep states and hi qi imaginations 24/8 are the fantastic realms of this deep sea Venus.  She is highly sensitive, emotional and capable of picking up your vibe through the atmo between you.   Psychic feelers are strong in Pisces, and this Venus needs to be surrounded by beauty, love and ultimate harmony in order to function best.

This is a sentimental Venus, expressing love comes naturally to them so they tend to take up for the downtrodden and mistreated, having felt what suffering and sacrifice is themselves.   Pisces Venus loves to blur the boundaries and lines, they crave a partnership blending that goes deeper than most – inclusiveness means sharing lives on all cosmic dimensions.

Often the downfall of Pisces Venus is the lack of firm boundaries, and a reliance on addictions that help dull the pain of feeling everything around them.  They need to guard against hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of evasion, and often – flat out deceit.

Pisces is a slippery fish that is hard to catch, Venus (rules Libran scales of balance) in this sign may indicate an inability to settle with a partner due to indecision.   When using their off the scale imaginations in order to cultivate a more structured, realistic  – yet artistic – world they are formidable creators and the most forgiving, passionately inspired lovers.


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