Full moon mambo

Quickie read for Virgo Full Moon for insight and most benevolent outcome for all !

Full Moon is Ace of Vessels, Waters of Life
Balance, harmony, memory and emotions all pour forth with this earthy Full Moon.
Mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health is quiet work and peace found in daily routines – find the beauty in simplicity.

Jupiter as focal point of T-square is Intention: keeping faith in self and others – higher mind fine tuned to the highest qi.

Uranus is 8 of Cups: a turning away from a troubled situation and blazing new trails -sextiles Jupes – opportunity for brainstorming favorable futures is HIGH GEAR at the mo.  Note Uranus is quincunx full moon – indicating a change in attitude / altitude re: emotional matters.

Pluto is Queen of Cups: Pluto squares Uranus, trines Full Moon – emotional metamorphosis is imminent, in fact – most probably underway.  She has changed direction, adapted and improvised.

Goo gob of Pisces is Two of Stones:  Challenge and rivalry.  Pisces is oh so emo, figures – touchy and sensitive to the max, intuitive and sometimes defensive for only reasons they know. They are certainly not keen to share them…Pisces tends to hold many things close, subconscious dreamscapes rule here.
Private-cy and foggy, this indicates a need for a good shot of reality and above board tactics with self and others.  Know thyself.  Be ethical.

Saturn and North Node is the Tetrahedron, Energy:  Levels of energy are OFF THE SCALE
note this – there is energy to be had here, perhaps more than we all realize – USE it WISELY.
Three is Jupiter ruled – and is focal point of the T-Square: Moon opp a plethora of energy across the wheel – Venus (out of sign), Neptune, Sun, Chiron
All this in Square to Jupiter

peace out