photo 30Wild Wood Tarot

Quickie one card draw for energies to focus on up to 26 degree Full Virgo Moon for highest good delivering brilliant manifestations.  

3 Vessels – cranes/birds, thoughts, play and communications high with Moon Full in the sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo.  
Cultivate gratitude for all that is good.  
Good fortune and return after migration.  Fellowship and celebration of gifts.

Three is a number of creativity, growth and increase, change for the better in realms of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Cups indicate compassion, forgiveness, strong instincts.  
Expansive heartspace, feeling the micro in the macro and vice versa, being one with all that is.

photo 31Wild Unknown Tarot

This draw is the crux of what will carry us to
New Moon at 9 degrees Aries
Sunday March 30
Chicago 1:45:00am
Tokyo 3:45:00pm
London 7:45:00am

Excellence in creative realms, love scenarios, brilliant mystique surrounding artistry.  New Moon/Sun are conjunct Uranus in Aries which is of course squaring Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.  

Leading up to New Moon, Venus will begin to trine Mars Rx in Libra from Aquarius.  Brilliant juggernaut brainstorms are on the horizon that will lead you to your destiny – Mars is conjunct North Node.

Actions previously taken will be revised and balance will be the key to your success.  Note swans indicate grace, intuition, balance and self-esteem.
Consider these things as full moon dims and is reborn anew in Aries.



Solar Power


I have totally felt this shift in Solar power  to the Mars house of Aries  ~ >
I felt it last night in fact, as soon as it moved from water to FIRE !

I was goofing off with my cat watching X Men when by rights I should have been ready to crash from several nights up working late.

Not sleepy.

My Mars is in Sag which is my 12th house sign (natural house of sleep) and it quintiles Uranus so YaY !

Solar power amped up my electrical and since Mercury is elevated at high noon my head wasn’t ready to go down.  Thoughts are churning and I have been making mental lists like crazy !
My Mars also trines Saturn Rx so finally gonna kick that mutha into high gear !
Don’t care if it’s retrograde in natal and by transit ~>  I feel it moving !

Sun in Aries HAS to get moving even if it starts in the brainpan we get  FIRED UP !

Have YOU noticed the shift ?
Are you hot to trot to do SOMEthing, ANYthing ?!
Where is your Mars and what is it up to in your chart ?!

Before you get all gung ho, think about it first ~> void moon begins Wednesday 3:39 AM and lasts until Thursday at 4:57 am just before new Moon at 9:37 am, CST USA.

Take the void moon to percolate and initiate after the new moon ~>