Lush Lunar Landscape

Some say lunar phases are no big deal, nothing to get all excited about.
Luna only influences growth…that sort of thing.
I say it depends on your chart.
Do you have the Moon in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house ?
Do you have several planets in the 4th or in the sign of Cancer ?
Are you Cancer rising ?
Is Moon highly aspected in your chart ?

If you answered yes…pay attention to the lunar cycles…you will feel them.
Moon is coming to conjunct Chiron the healer in Pisces during a dark void moon.
void begins 9:34 am Tues 17th CST, USA
ends 10:59 am Wed 18th – Moon enters Aries

Void moons feel similar to dark moons.
This Moon is both.
Rest, rejuvenate, and feel your soul – low energy , high intuition.
Feelings are adrift, without anchor to other planetary energies
it is a time for divination, accepting quiet and peace
practicing patience

insights will wash over you in quiet moments as your thoughts drift…
check your sign below to see where insights will likely be appearing
Aries : memories and new perspectives on friends
Taurus : restructuring of personal goals
Gemini : nurturing self by diversifying personal interests
Cancer : mystical studies, spiritual healing
Leo : cultivate new friendships
Virgo : creativity goals, status
Libra  : new directions in personal well-being
Scorpio : strengthen creative relationships
Sagittarius : peace of mind with others, self
Capricorn : how to pizzazz daily routine
Aquarius : creative romantic play
Pisces :  add sparkle to home environs

Solar Power


I have totally felt this shift in Solar power  to the Mars house of Aries  ~ >
I felt it last night in fact, as soon as it moved from water to FIRE !

I was goofing off with my cat watching X Men when by rights I should have been ready to crash from several nights up working late.

Not sleepy.

My Mars is in Sag which is my 12th house sign (natural house of sleep) and it quintiles Uranus so YaY !

Solar power amped up my electrical and since Mercury is elevated at high noon my head wasn’t ready to go down.  Thoughts are churning and I have been making mental lists like crazy !
My Mars also trines Saturn Rx so finally gonna kick that mutha into high gear !
Don’t care if it’s retrograde in natal and by transit ~>  I feel it moving !

Sun in Aries HAS to get moving even if it starts in the brainpan we get  FIRED UP !

Have YOU noticed the shift ?
Are you hot to trot to do SOMEthing, ANYthing ?!
Where is your Mars and what is it up to in your chart ?!

Before you get all gung ho, think about it first ~> void moon begins Wednesday 3:39 AM and lasts until Thursday at 4:57 am just before new Moon at 9:37 am, CST USA.

Take the void moon to percolate and initiate after the new moon ~>