Solar Power


I have totally felt this shift in Solar power  to the Mars house of Aries  ~ >
I felt it last night in fact, as soon as it moved from water to FIRE !

I was goofing off with my cat watching X Men when by rights I should have been ready to crash from several nights up working late.

Not sleepy.

My Mars is in Sag which is my 12th house sign (natural house of sleep) and it quintiles Uranus so YaY !

Solar power amped up my electrical and since Mercury is elevated at high noon my head wasn’t ready to go down.  Thoughts are churning and I have been making mental lists like crazy !
My Mars also trines Saturn Rx so finally gonna kick that mutha into high gear !
Don’t care if it’s retrograde in natal and by transit ~>  I feel it moving !

Sun in Aries HAS to get moving even if it starts in the brainpan we get  FIRED UP !

Have YOU noticed the shift ?
Are you hot to trot to do SOMEthing, ANYthing ?!
Where is your Mars and what is it up to in your chart ?!

Before you get all gung ho, think about it first ~> void moon begins Wednesday 3:39 AM and lasts until Thursday at 4:57 am just before new Moon at 9:37 am, CST USA.

Take the void moon to percolate and initiate after the new moon ~>

3 thoughts on “Solar Power

  1. Any other Virgo / Uranian types having computers acting weird..?!?
    I think Mary Beth & I are one step away from : : :smoke signals : : :
    Settings here at GMA are changing themselves, and oh whatever, computers gone wonky.
    I have Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto in Virgo Mercury MC. Chart ruler Saturn Rx trine Mars in natal.
    Transit Pluto currently square natal Saturn Rx.
    Merc, Mars, Saturn all Rx in sky at the mo. Sun conjunct Merc Rx meeting up exact soon, Uranus all in Aries w/in 4 degrees and change. The way is shut.

    SoOo vast apologies to Mary Beth who is commenting to me personally so I can cut & paste her comment here and reply.
    Mary Beth:
    definitely. and a couple people i know are displaying a touch of the shadow side of aires in their relations with others. the cancerian is telling herself, ‘this will pass; not gonna dwell on the insult.’ and the gemini just removed herself from the one home, mom-in-laws, and went to her other home, her own. both true to their natures lol
    me, i am just HYPER. the sun is shining all week long and temps are up and so i am ready to go through my house from top to bottom. prepping for my treasure map which i expect to centre me. my energy is swirling, not channeling and when you are aware of the difference that can make, you gotta fix it.
    a question: i will meet with a couple friends to begin working on our treasure maps but the best time for all of us is on thursday at 11am. the new moon doesnt begin until, i think, around 16:30 where i am. should we hold off for a later time or is it alright to start then? dont want to void our intentions!

    • Treasure map…how intriguing !
      I’m not sure what that means, I am guessing it is a personal directional graph / chart thingy for outlining personal goals..?
      Here’s my take on it. Dark moons are great for navel gazing and self- nurturing and getting centered in meditative thought noodling. Void moons seem workable, but what you are doing will take longer, some information may be missing, and your efforts will need tweaking later.
      Also if the process is already underway and you are working on it before, during, and after, it may a hurdle but not insurmountable.
      I get a little nutzo with all the sky is falling void biz, but since 3 planets are retro and the octaves of communication are conjunct with Sun at 0 Aries, I felt it deserved mention. Merc Rx and Mars Rx in mutual reception will definately make for good insightful brainstorming with friends. Mars Rx is square North Node in Sag too, so that is a motivator to set high and creative future goals. Just be ready to bob & weave.
      Now I want a treasure map X

      • Was thinking today of all the kids born with ‘void’ moon.
        I have a ‘void’ sun 29 degree Virgo.

        Expect a longer post on void moon / Sun in the next few days.
        Also gardening by the moon, and barren and fruitful signs.
        Stay tuned . . .

        Thanks Mary Beth, thanks all
        oh and I am brainstorming my map too, MB, I have a vision board – –
        but love the idea of * treasure map * so will morph the two together !

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