Elf Leaf

Harvest of PurplesHarvest of Purples
Gneiss Moon

Squash ruled by Moon
Lavender; Masculine, Air, ruled by Mercury
Gemini, Virgo; secondary, Aquarius, Libra
Also: Elf Leaf, Nard, Nardus, Spike

Medicinal: Nervine, sedative, tonic.
Lavender is soothing, calms the nerves.  A few drops  of oil on bed linens, in water baths aids in sleep, eases minor aches and pains.
Lavender tea is excellent for a peaceful mood and relaxation.

Magickal: Attracts the physical and financial attention of men and women alike.
Mix with rosemary for chastity, fidelity.
Burn with sandalwood to attract helpful spirits.

Purple foods are high in antioxidants, specifically anthocyanin, which protect against cell damage from free radicals.

Peace, Gneiss Moon

Wowie Zowie

What’s a Neptune girl to do on an Aquarian Moon when Mercury will soon pass over Venus for a quickie in Sagittarius ?
Talk, talk, talk about love ?
…but the planet of love and the planet of communication are holding hands in an apex of a biggie T-square with a Mystical Mars-y Neptooney opposition.
OooOoo and that lovely Electric Aquarian Moon is coming up to zap Neptuner within just a degree or so…
Neptune rules film, Aquarius, electricity.


Did I mention Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius ?  *loveLoveLOVE Saggos !

Transiting Mars is snug between my Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo at the mo. and I am feelin groooOovy.